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3d Printing And Testing The Makerbot Coin Sorter


Well, hey, it’s! Joel, the 3d printing nerd. And what you see in front of me right Here is some coins that I have, and we have a lot of coins. We try to take them out of our pockets. When we’re done for the day and we’ve taken our pants off and we put the coins in a jar, but rather than putting coins in a jar, it makes sense to have ourselves, little coin sorter, and since I can 3d print all sorts of things, why not print a coin sorter? Also what’s great here? I’ve got an Ultimaker three and I wanted to feed some color fat. HT filament through it. The the Ultimaker Qura doesn’t really allow for the the customization options that I really wanted for the color fab HT. So I had a slightly difficult time printing it. Well, the print the print finished and it looks like this. It comes in two parts, and then those two parts go together and then the coins go in the top and they drop through these holes and then they fall down in here and the idea is, you can take off the top and you can get your stack of coins out. This is a MakerBot model. See how well it works. I did notice that this isn’t anything to do. With the old tea maker 3 but the color 5ht did leave some little nuggets around that. I do need to pick off for some reason. The color found HT. It started breaking right here. Which is I don’t know it doesn’t. I don’t think I had the settings perfectly right for the filament and I’ll talk to color fab to see what the perfect settings are for the Ultimaker tree. I’ll also I’ll play around with it, but look here. It is, here’s the US. Quarter. The idea is, you put the coins in the top. And as it goes around this circle, it’ll drop into the slots with the quarter slot being in the middle here. We go alright well. That didn’t work as expected, the quarter got stuck and it got stuck because there are these filament droppings all over the place, where the head move then left a little bit of oozed filament out. Of course, you can control the ooze with temperature and with retraction And I was just testing this filament. Maybe maybe a daemul work. Hey, a time kind of worked. Did you see that, okay. I gave it some convincing lets. Try a penny, nope, ended. Oh, wait, Penny, Penny Penny. Nope, looks like we’ve reached the end of this test of color of a Phd. For a coin sorter. At least in this configuration. I think there were issues with the filament and how I printed it and I don’t think that I don’t think it performed as well as it could have that said. I don’t want it to end right here. So let’s set this aside, lets. Bring out this one. So this coin sorter is the exact same model, but this coin sorter was printed on the Lowell Spot Tazz, six in Polly maker Polly Light Pla. This isn’t a Lowell Spot Ultimaker comparison and this is definitely not a Kohler 5-ht PLA comparison, It’s just a matter of two different materials printed on two different printers, but the settings for this material on the tab six are built into Lulzbot Sakura and it printed just phenomenally well, one of the interesting thing’s bed adhesion for the color found HT on the old tea maker with a little suspect and I I do have plenty of lifting, whereas the poly maker Polly Light PLA stuck down just fine plus. Everything is strong and when you put it together. The bottom of this piece is the it matches up perfectly with the top of this piece and it almost feels like it could be a single piece, whereas when these go together well. I guess I got to put them together. The right way there we go, You can see that there are places where lifting has happened and the sides don’t quite match up. This isn’t This isn’t a condemnation of the color 5-ht by any means, of course. I do want to play with this material because it’s a really fun material, but it’s just me needing to find the proper settings. Let’s just set it over here. Let’s bring out the poly maker Poly Light. Pla has six print and let’s do what we did before and try a quarter that seemed to work lets. Try a dime, okay. It looks like the dime did fall through the correct hole, but it fell out of the holder because the dime came out that way. I guess what can you expect? I guess it works some of the time because it’s a Makerbot model. That was a joke, lets. Try a penny, okay. The penny came out, lets. Try a nickel. Nickel stayed turn. Multi, okay. I think we put this coin. Sorter through a touch of the of a test in order to kind of see how well this model works, so I do have a jam and it performs. Okay if we can separate this right here and I’ll turn it around. You can see that there are some quarters in there and those fell correctly. There’s a dime, there’s also a penny. Nichols fell correctly. It looks like the dimes kind of spilled out pennies. Sometimes a penny is the one that got caught right here. That’s a cool little model, though. It’s a definitely a functional print. And if you’re interested in sorting coins or if you have kids. This is a neat model itself. I think that 3d printing and coin sorting is kind of cool because you can come up with all sorts of really cool, 3d printed devices that can make the coins go in different in different pathways and different combinations and it’s a good way to teach kids about currency and coins and then with 3d printing. Of course I’m us-based and so I have US coins. But all sorts of countries have all sorts of different sized currencies. And so there’s no reason why you can’t use 3d printing to estimize a coin sorter for your country’s coinage. That was fun! Look, this was. This was kind of cool. I know it was just a little print, but I think I think it was neat because it showed that I’m attempting to dial in settings on the Ultimaker. Three four color 5ht. I think it also shows that the poly maker poly light. PLA performs exceptionally well in the lols. Bot tad six is doing a phenomenal job at printing. This is one of the test prints for the review, so the low. Fantastick’s review is coming up shortly. Well, with that in mind, Let’s call it good. I do have my Mario Coin Bank. And although I don’t send myself fan mail, it doesn’t mean that I can’t also donate to the card, so I really appreciate you viewing this video. Give it a thumbs up. If you thought it was interesting or cool. Leave a comment if you had any questions, or if you have a coin sorter that you like to 3d print, maybe you can send a link my way and then. I could print it out myself. A big huge Thanks to my patrons Who support me at Patreoncom? I’ve got some cool stuff coming that way, and I’m going to share some information that I can’t share publicly quite yet. So you guys will be here that first. Okay, you know what, thanks again? I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to hug each other more often. Because I love you guys as always high-five.

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