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3d Printing A Complete Chess Set


He has a go. This is Rory from Gretna funeral that was raped by the way. So welcome a lot in this video. We’re going to make something interesting that I actually saw in a post on Reddit quite awhile backwards. But five months ago, in all fairness, 10 million hits a chess set and it’s made up of two different projects from a Thingiverse but in the post it was printed and then all put together as one thing and it looked great, and there was a nice combination of the colors. And I thought I would give this a try. I wanted to know what was involved and all of this. So this is what we’re gonna do all of the relevant links to all the things. I’ve used about all in the description. So if you want to know where anything’s from, check out in there and you should find your answer short about. Leave a comment and ask a question. Connor, can it, so lets. Get on and print some pieces. [MUSIC] Okay, so basically, what I’ve done. There is forgot to clean the print bed before starting the print, so some of the pieces didn’t stick and popped off the bed now, because obviously there was some that were good, that’s why. I decided to just leave it running, but so I’ve managed to salvage all but four. So therefore, I haven’t have to do those in another run right as the white piece is done. Let’s get the whiteboard pieces done. Okay, that’s all of the white bits done now. I want to do the other parts in green. Yeah, my nice. Rmf green! Yeah, let’s do it like that. [MUSIC] Okay, so this one went wrong again and I actually. The reason for this is different to why the first ones went wrong. So what actually happened with? This one is that the filament got jammed a little bit for a very short period of time, and it meant that for a little while it was printing with no filament, so it went, it was slightly up and there’s suddenly whatever reason it cleared and it carried on and what that meant was, it meant left this little kind of gap that wasn’t sticking properly and then halfway house, a load of them fell out of her, but the actual bases were still stuck to the bed, so the adhesion was fine. It was just the broken bead so okay. This leaves me a problem because I now don’t have enough green left to do everything, the board pieces and everything else. So I’m gonna have to come up with another color, okay. I’ve got it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]. Oh, yeah, my Gold’s looking pretty sweet. So I’m quite pleased with this So far now all we’ve got to do is somehow pop all the pieces together and see if it actually fits. I’m sure it will [Music] [Music] and there it is all done and dusted and I have to admit. I think that’s coming out really well. It’s really big, it’s surprising. Just how big this is when you think printing all the parts. When you then put it together, it’s absolutely massive. So yeah, you need a fairly decent-sized table. If you’re gonna keep it somewhere anyway, and don’t worry about this guy at the back here that’s printing my mark 3s upgrade parts right now so that will be coming soon and, yeah, then the printer will get a bit of an upgrade. It might be interesting to see. How much better there is so yeah. I hope you enjoyed this. This was quite fun, little project. I did, I thoroughly recommend. Go in the description. Get the links to this thing. If you’ve got a printer, print it out yourself. Have a go. The one thing I will highlight is that this has taken me around about four day’s worth of printing. There was a lot, obviously. I had quite a few failures which you saw These could have actually been avoided, but it is what it is. It’s come out really well. I think it was worth the effort Really pleased with it. And, yeah, please check out the other videos, please to subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed it and like the video and leave a comment for some information for me. Have a chat talk to me about something. I don’t care what anything, right. See you the next video bye for now. [MUSIC].

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