3d Printed Belt Buckle | 3d Printer Projects: Sci-fi Insignia Belt Buckle


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3d Printer Projects: Sci-fi Insignia Belt Buckle


Hey, you today we’re gonna do a quick video. We’re gonna make some belt buckles, but cool Sci-fi custom insignia belt buckles. Were gonna make a nice one and I’ve messed up. One, let’s go, how’s it going? Anthony, Fro here, crate, sci-fi. Today’s fun today is going to be like a quick build, but something really cool. I’m working on a new film and as always when I’m working on a new film, I always procrastinate by building props before I even finished writing so now with the 3d printer and the Tinkercad. I wanted to do something real quick. So these are custom belt buckles that have the insignia of the protagonist’s right. So the protagonist is a member of some organization or something. I don’t want to give too much away and just these little things now that I have the 3d printer. I’m just experimenting with quick little things that I can do. Just add value, right, Low cost high impact and these print really quick, and it’s just one of those little things where you know before I go to the thrift store. Get a belt Whether it this is, just one of those things. You’ll never focus on it in the film, but subconsciously right, it adds a lot and they’re just fun to make sure like cosplay costume or just day-to-day, right. If you want to put like your favorite little logo on there so pretty straightforward. Pretty quick fun. I think fun for the whole family. All right, so let’s hop into take her cad first. All right, sorry, no first we got to go to. Thingiverse and we got to find this buckle. I listed where you can find it. If you want to play along and now we’re gonna add the logo. This is a really cool thing. I found so you take any logo or text. You go to this online place to convert it for free. It’s a vector. How amazing is that? And then vectors you can bring it to. Tinkercad so now we’re in Tinkercad. Here’s our model. The only thing different is, I need to flip it around because I wanted to print that logo on the top, not on the plate so there I’m bringing in that logo that I just did for free online there bing-bang-boom and now I’m just arranging this on my buckle and what you do Is you change that into a hole and then what that does is it removes right. It makes it negative now. We have a buckle with a cool logo now. I’m just sort of unifying everything, getting it ready for printing, and then now I’m gonna bring it over to the flash print, right, The slicing software. Then I go into slicing software and more detail on my printing videos so here. I’m just, you know, adding supports setting my temperatures. You know, 3d printing is a little like cooking and then there. I see my layers at work and I’m gonna send that over to the printer printer. Time lapse dump, dump dome and like that boom in a minute. Which really that took about two days? So here we go now, the build so online. I bought that belt strap. I have two of these because I figured. I’ll try two different versions, and you know, they’re pretty small. This is a fun, easy print, so I was able to print two of them at once. No big deal. So why not first thing? I’m doing is cleaning out all the support material, right, That’s part of 3d printing support material cleanup Sanding. Right, you know that. I’m in the future, I’m 3d printing, and I’m still sanding. So, you know, the drill Got the sanding sticks gonna use the Emery boards and the steel wool. But yeah, now we’re just test-fitting everything and I have my sand papers. Now we’re just prepping for paint, right, so we have our buckle that we printed. I’m just sanding it getting it ready for paint, getting rid of any sort of like loose ends from the printing. Sometimes you get like little like plastic hairs, almost right, so just tightening everything up. Did the Emery cloth to steel wall? And then now with some isopropyl alcohol cleaning it up. I don’t know if I always take this for granted. But isopropyl alcohol while use that is, it just evaporates right away, right, so if I did that with water? I’d have to put it aside. Wait for it to dry. Maybe in a corner or something. There’s still be water and that would mess up your paint, but with the alcohol. The reason we do that is it evaporates, right, if you knew that you knew that if you did it tip of the day, all right, so now. I’m just taping these onto some cardboard, so I can paint them and I like to use this rust-oleu’m ultra cover because it’s a primer and a paint and when I put it on thick, it helps to cover up the printer lines, right, so now I have my base. I let that dry like, 24 hours, and now I’m gonna try two different things now. This is a journey we’re about to go on so the first idea. I have is oh! I’m just gonna do like a metallic dry brush. Maybe green, right, cuz? I always do blue and red and silver, so lets. Mix it up and then I’m thinking. Oh, okay, let me just add a heavier coat inside of this logo. Right so like I said, we’re about to go on a process journey here, so I do that, and then I’m like, Oh, okay, you know? I’m being inspired. Now keep in mind. This is the first thing that I’m trying. I’m like, let me add some silver, and then I’m looking at that, and I’m thinking, okay, but in the back of my head. I’m like this is terrible. So now I’m gonna start from zero. So here’s some cool car paint that I have from another project. I’m like, yeah, let’s paint it down like that. Looks good so then. This idea is like, yeah, some gold rub and buff to pop the details. That’s gonna be great as you’ll see. This becomes the whole thing. – what what? I’m wrestling with here. Is it’s just a little too rustic, right, A little too messy. You guys know that. I love it dirty. I like it to be all screwed up, but it’s just, there’s a difference between whether it’s screwed up and just looks bad right so now. I’m like, okay, let’s just cover the whole thing in gold, and I’m like now that doesn’t work so back to the drawing board. So then I erase that and here. I’m trying to convince myself. Oh, that looks good, you know? It just looks like the paint shipped off. Maybe that works and then. I’m like no, no, no, so I cover the whole thing in gold. Now it’s just like in my head. You know a lot of you. If you’ve gone through processes now, it’s just making a mess right, but then here. I’m thinking, oh, this is kind of good where I’m just gonna take it all off, and there’s just gonna be like little remnants of it so at this moment. I’m thinking, yeah, that works just like little touches of gold. That’ll be cool and then now I have my my wash. I’m gonna do a sludge wash now. This is the paint that I use in model-making the wash. This has a little bit of paint thinner in it. So I’m not thinking, right, so I’m doing my typical thing and I go to erase the wash and what it erased everything, wait. What because there’s paint thinner in it so now? I’m like, oh, alright, so now. I’m just going into my water-based oil paints, right, and I’m thinking, okay. I’m just gonna really just dirty this up. That’s what I’m gonna do, and then I’m like, oh, well, let me do some battle scars, some battle damage. And maybe I’m working out some frustration here, subconsciously, and then I get out my files and I start to dig at it and I’m like, okay now instead of thinking right, I think with my hands. I guess, and I’m like, yeah. This is working! This is working so then. I get some brown acrylic paint right and I figure. Oh, let me! We really jam some dirt into these crevices, and then that’s now. I’m like okay, okay, okay. We got something here. I then now. I’m just just stippling stippling stippling with the oil paint with the acrylic paint, just making it dirty and what I’m doing now is I’m liking the direction It’s going, so it’s it’s like a dance. You’re like looking at it and you’re like yeah. This clothes doesn’t need anything else, right, like salt and pepper and now. I’m like, oh, silver rubbing buff. Because where those gouges are, it would be metallic under there and now. I’m like, okay, now it’s coming together now. It’s coming together this. I’m starting to like, and then, you know, the the thing is to keep in. Mind is hang in there, and then now just these little scrapes, right, and this is the moment where I’m like sighing relief, and I’m like, okay. That was not easy, but now I got something. This actually works, right, It’s personal taste. Maybe you don’t like this. You like the other thing better but for me? I’m like okay, and I’m looking at that, and I’m like, yes, much better than that green disaster. And this is the put Anna period on it final answer. I hit it with the clear coat, All right, so now this I just added this. I knew I was gonna do. If you follow my channel, you probably figured I was gonna do this this. I knew I was gonna do. It’s the graphite treatment and watch this is magic and in one stroke boom. So that other thing was what, like five minutes, so that was probably a couple hours of my life. This was literally, you know, three minutes, and that’s beautiful. Thanks, core geek. That’s the guy who shared that graphite treatment. So cool, all right, so now, while the weathered one is drying. I’m gonna work on these straps So first thing I’m going to do Is, you know I cut them to size and just melt the ends there now. In this one, you know, we’re making two since I weathered that other. Buckle, you know, got a whether the strap otherwise. That would look strange, right so here. I’m just using a heavy grit. Sandpaper, some scotch brite and Im. Just, you know, fraying the ends, making it look weathered. Now, just taking some paint and I’m just dabbing it on here randomly some water just trying to give this a little bit of life, just trying to break it up the black rub it again with my thumbs, and, you know, broken record, but as I always like to remind you, I’m making objects for film, right, This is not meant to be cosplay or on a shelf soap, sometimes if it seems. I’m going a little heavy-handed. The reality is is that we’ll just barely read on film, and that’s what I want and here. That’s why I just add the green. I found that when I add just like little spots, random spots of a color like a green or a blue that always looks good on camera. Then we’ll just crumple that up. Let that dry why? I get back to the pretty one, right, the graphite one. Now, when I’m gluing fabric, I like to use that East 6000 so I have the e6000 and that takes about 24 hours to cure, So the super glue is basically just to hold it in place while that a6000 cures so here. I’m just assembling the buckle. You pop that on there? It press fits really good, but I don’t know, I just add superglue, because that’s how I am and then here, you know, we printed these pegs and these are the pegs that the buckle face is going to pivot on, and then, you know, make it a. I’m doing air quotes a belt, right, so just tap that in there, and then now and then that fits. Gosh, I love 3d printing. Look at that! Oh, alright, so now. Here’s the weather one, right, so same process putting in those pins. Just press for fitting those in there. I did have to persuade him a little off-camera, but that was no big deal and then up and then this strap. And then here’s the beauty shots, right. Oh, really cool, and then you know? I’m glad I did the two different versions because it’s pretty straightforward, so really the fun of it. The the cool part of it is what you do with sort of that core piece, right, so here’s the two options. I’m real happy with that now. I have a custom prop for my film. Those came out so cool now. I knew that one, you know, I knew kind of how this was gonna turn out, and it turned out the way I imagined and I really liked that. But the happy accident was this one. I think this is my favorite, and I’m really glad I shared the process with you. Because, you know, it’s it’s a process, right, You got to creep up on these things, and then also because this is the first time making these. I’m not gonna link to this strap Next time, I do it. I need a thicker. This is like nylon. It’s slippery, it’s not thick enough, so I need to get a better strap for these, so this one. I want to recommend, but as far as just building these. This works fine now. I know this works. It just got to swap out the strap, but yeah, that’s so cool, right well, as always. I hope you found this video useful. Please, like share. Subscribe, leave a comment love to read the comments and be sure to check out the merch shop today. I don’t know if you can see. I’m wearing a Michael Cthulhu shirt, love! His channel right, builds these giant swords out of metal. But, you know practicing what? I preach buying the merch. The shirts really helps the channel well. I’m gonna go make more belts. More props, cuz. You know why right when you could just make the props? I remember I’m just here to help. Make sci-fi and hold your pants up!

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