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3d Printed Battery Holder


What’s up, guys? Turkey, neck, 3d printing and today we’re gonna 3d print a battery holder, so I’ve been looking for like the ultimate battery holder for a long time, and I’ve printed several different ones for my desktop for all my desk, but they just I don’t know if they’re all small, they’re individual ones. I never found anything that was good or just like one. That would do everything that I wanted it to do, and I stumbled upon this model now. I found this over on my mini Factory. It cost me a dollar 50 to make so. I thought it was a pretty awesome model. That’s actually the second version that the made that the creator did. The first version had C batteries in the bottom, but this has three Tres four double as and two trays for triple as which I go through a lot of we have a lot of kid toys around the house, so they drain through batteries like crazy, and this is honestly a super duper easy print to do. I printed this on my. Prusa i3 mark 3a my purse – mark 3 clone. I was again very easy to do because it’s technically for parts, but it’s really three different prints now before we glue this up and get it assembled. I want to do a quick. Thank you out to Repco. So I’ve been working replicas for a long time and they send me filaments here and there to do projects. They’ve sponsored a lot of my different giveaways. They’re pretty awesome. People got some good feelings from them, but I randomly got a box from Michael. Who is the CEO of Rep Code? Literally, just out of the blue didn’t get an email from him. Had nothing just a random box of some PLA, So I knew I wanted to print this project, so I wanted to go ahead and print this all in the ref code PLA, I printed this with they’re white and they’re red and it’s kind of like a more milky white and the red is a little bit translucent. You can know if we see light and things through it. And I’d also did this in the brand new process Slicer 20 which I’m gonna do a video of very soon on kind of just the first look at it and how I set all this print up in that slicer because again it’s just a little bit different than the original or the older version of Slicer Purusha addition or Slic3r, as Tom says, so yes, a very special thing out. Repco and I’ll put a link down to their filament down below. If you guys wanna check it out, no, this is. I’m PLA. I’m a big fan of pili filaments. So if you want to check out their filament, I’ll put a link down below or any the printers that I use. They’ll be all those links down, but let’s get this assembled and see how well it works. All right, so this prints out in again, Basically four parts, There’s a tiny. Pied here. This is one print. This is a backplate. And this is the main body. Now the backplate this was printed on the Prusa i3 mark three clone and it was in there semi transparent or translucent. Pla red PLA! I did use a little bit of glue sticks to keep that down. So there’s a little residue of that. I’ll get like a wet paper towel or something. Wipe all that off and yeah. This was in there white on the original. Prusa i3 Mark 3 I also has the MMU too, but it’s just with the single settings on there and here you can see the indention in the front, which is where our little battery thing is gonna get glued into, and I actually just had to print this again because this piece as I had this drive fit on my desk just to kind of look at it, and when I picked it up that piece, this all slid off and that piece went we somewhere into the nether, so don’t know where that one went, so we’re not going to lose that again and again This holds one two three double-a trays and then one two of triple. As I’m really cursed. See how this actually will hold down and there is actually a lip here to kind of really help. You line it up nicely easily. You see how it fits right into it all along the side there and down here where change is over? So what we’re gonna do is in order to glue this up. I’m gonna go ahead and use some Bob Smith Industries Bsi. Insecure and I’m gonna go ahead and secure in stick here and some Boston-area inste set. So I’m gonna put the glue in the grooves on here. I’m gonna spray onto the body And then I would just take the body. Set it down into there and it will instantly set up for us. So we’re just going to go ahead and get a little bit of glue here, and we don’t need a whole ton, but make sure there’s enough in anybody. Little squeeze in there and each one of these and then. I need to put a little bit along here. Just tiny, tiny squeeze of it, and that should be all we need in there. Now, we’re gonna head and get the insta set. Make sure it’s all coated, and we’re just going to try to not glue myself to myself, which I’ve already started to and stick it together quickly as possible and then that is done, That’s not coming off at all and again with the insta set. That stuff sets really, really quickly, so here again. We’re gonna go ahead and put the little bit of glue just in a couple piece parts. Here, make sure it stays a little bit in the top there and then. I’m gonna go ahead and spray this backside. This just drops right into here again That basically instantly sets, hence the name insta set, and then we have the top piece, which doesn’t it just think that, and that’s it, it’s super quick and easy, You know, three parts to glue together four, if you include the body, but you’re just adding three parts to the body, and those aren’t gonna go anywhere, so you do want to allow this. You know, maybe just a minute or two to finish setting. Because you don’t want to rub your hands on it, and then all of a sudden it glues to you so and let me grab some batteries and we can take a look at this real quick, all right, so I went and grabbed some amazonbasic’s batteries buy this in bulk because they’re cheap and they last long enough for all the kid’s toys. And if you look, we’re just gonna set them. Drop them right in my tape. One next one comes down. Next one comes down. I like it. Don’t lays, yeah, there it is so you can see they’re in there can’t. See them from the top unless I put a whole bunch of mat. We can do real quick, alright and here. It is with a whole bunch of batteries in it. If I tilt that, they’re hugging this move, but you kind of see down in there and see where they are, so there’s. I eat in the front. I think this one holds 12 so you get like 20 or 22 triple As and it’s like 30 or some ridiculous amount of double. As which this this is gonna be awesome on my desk. I think this will really really help. I keep them organized them. The kids can just come up. Take one and boom. The next one is presented. They all slide really. Well, there’s two packs in each one of these, so they easily slide down with the next one. So that’s pretty slick so. I think this is a win so this would be on my desk. This will be able to hold lots of different batteries. Kids can come in, grab what they need and off to the races and they can get their own batteries because dead life it. There’s a lot of things that need replaced all the time, but yeah. I’m excited for this to help. You stay a lot more organized and help keep them out and around instead of in a drawer somewhere. So super awesome this again. If you want to purchase this. I’ll put a link down below. The file was a dollar fifty on my manufactory, and I actually really really liked it, or if you want to try to design your own kind of based on his. You could do that as well, but yeah, this again. This is second version. The first version has seized at the bottom, which not many things use. So that’s why he did reinvent it to add more doublea’s so awesome job. I like it and again. One more time, thank you to rep. Co for sending me the film it. There’s lots more projects coming up that I’ll be using. They’re filament 4 so stay tuned for some of those. Thanks for watching guys. So if you want to stay in tune, what’s going on, make sure you hit that subscribe button hit that? Bell icon. You’ll get an email notification or push notification mobile device when I upload new content or I go live that way. You’re the first ones to know what’s going on here on my channel. North support me become a patron, Don’t even dollar mortgage access patreon feed and my after show don’t. Eat me two dollars. You get a sticker. There’s a couple other tiers down there. So check that out. There’s some one-time links down below. There’s also a bunch of fill in links down there or where you can purchase some of the things that I use a lot video. Thank You, Jenny guys until next time. Happy bread [Music] you!

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