3d Printed Batman Mask | The Ultimate 3d Printed Batman Mask – Replica Prop Part 1

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The Ultimate 3d Printed Batman Mask - Replica Prop Part 1


This is probably my favorite 3d printed project to date. This thing is absolutely incredible, so some of you might know. I’m actually a huge Batman fan. I actually worked for DC. Comics about 15 plus years ago. Not for as long as I would like to, but it was really an amazing experience, all that said, I found the most amazing file over on my mini. Factory thanks to Carmelo Nazario. He has created the most epic Batman cowl that you can 3d print that I’ve ever found. So make sure to check it out. I’ve got a link down below to where you can find that file, lets. Check it out right now. All right, part one. The front of the mask is now done really nice and clean looking. I’m very happy with how this turned out. I’m going to get off the printbed and remove the supports and see how it fits. All right, so I’m down here in my workshop and what I’m going to do next is start. Prepping the helmets or the cowl here. Some do be doing some basic sanding here, and then we start gluing together the pieces. The general idea that I’m going to do is the back of the helmet here, so I’ve cut it into three pieces. What I’m going to end up doing is gluing completely in sealing the face and the ears portion here and then the back portion. Which is this smaller piece here? I’m going to end up creating some way to magnetically attached these this way. I can very easily pop the helmet on and off. The opening is just a little bit small for my head. I’ve got a big melon here for me to squeeze in, but but if I magnetically attached it, then I can easily take it on. Take it off! Alright, get some glue. I’m going to start gluing these pieces together. The seams aren’t going to perfectly line up. Unfortunately, but it’ll get me pretty damn close, and then I can fill it and sand it so that it’s nice and smooth, all right, so here’s the plan what I’m going to do is take my drill here. I’ve got a half inch bit a half inch. No, sorry, it’s a quarter inch bit and what I’m going to use. Is these little tiny magnets that I have? By the way every time I go to Michaels or Harbor Freight? I’m always picking up something because I know I’m going to use it for project. I think I bought these. Maybe three years ago two years ago and dug them up for this. I knew I had some small magnet somewhere, so what I’m going to do is make some more of these pre-drilled holes here within the helmet so that I can on both sides here so that I can essentially snap these two pieces together for me to be able to easily Take them on and off, lets. Give it a go. I might only need two of these. Geez, they’re really strong, all right so. I’ve got my glue gun all set and ready. I’m gonna fill these holes and put the magnets in by the way if you don’t own a glue gun and you’re doing cosplay and 3d printing and anything like that, You’re not doing it, right, It’s all about the glue gun, baby. All right, so here it is. I have a three-piece Batman cowl that I now have all completely connected together. The first half and the second half the middle with the ears. I’ve glued together. There’s still a seam here and you can still see through it. I’m going to try and see if I can get that a little bit tighter with some superglue, and then what I’m going to do is basically just fill it with auto body filler with bondo or something along the lines. Maybe even epoxy sculpt here that I have is really good and isn’t as few me as bondo, and then the back piece with is that I’m able to now Remove is all just magnetized on. I have three magnets that I’ve put on here. Drilled some holes super glued them in place or hot, glued them in place and now basically just snap into place, so I should be able to put this on and done. Ah, it’s actually the first time. I snap that on and it’s really good fit. It’s nice and tight here. It’s tight in the back. I can move my head all around. Thanks to the Zine. This is really, really sweet, so I might end up. Doing is putting some sort of a latch on here, so it basically would lift up and stay up and then snap back down, but for now this will do just fine so that I can continue to finish the piece. The detail on this is absolutely wonderful. Let me look at that. Oh, god, that’s beautiful! This is such an awesome, awesome file. I’m Batman, alright? Thanks again to Carmelo Nazario for creating this file and sharing it with everybody on my mini factory again. If you’re interested in printing your own head on over to my mini Factory and download your files so that you can start 3d printing it today. I printed all this on my BQ. Whit box, using BQ, White PLA. Except for the very back, which I ran out of white PLA and end up going with some yellow PLA and again over the next few weeks. I will be finishing up this project. I’ll be applying some XTC 3d from smooth on onto this as well as filling it with some bondo spot, putty or just bondo. Maybe something else Epoxy sculpt to fill the gaps here. Alright, thanks again for watching guys. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit the like button. It really does help out also, leave me. Some feedback down below. And if you’re not already make sure to subscribe also. I’ve got links down below to the file. So if you want a 3d print your own Batman cowl. Thanks to Carmelo Nazario. Make sure to go over mini my mini Factory and hit those files up. I’ve also got a link down below to Carmelo’s Twitter account. He regularly posts updates to his designs that he’s working on right now. He’s working on a Batman Black mask file, and it is really incredible. Cannot wait to print that one myself so again. Hey, thanks again, you guys and? I’d bet man. Hey, what’s going on, guys? Uncle Jesse, here. I just wanted to share with you. My enormous 3d printed quantum break sign so a few weeks ago. I was at the quantum break release in New York City and they had this massive massive sign. And I thought, hmm? I bet I could make something like that. And so I went off in three bright in my own huge, huge sign here That is gonna put up in my game room, but I’m overestimating.

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