3d Printed Ar 15 Upper | 3d Printed Ar Upper (version 3)

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3d Printed Ar Upper (version 3)


Do this! Hey, what’s up? Everybody, you’re watching younger tactical. Don’t look at what I’m building. That’s top secret and for a video down the road, so let’s just get back to the office and go over the 3d printed upper version 3. I know you’ve been dying to see it because you guys won’t stop talking about it in the comments. So let’s go over over the version. Three upper so guys. Hopefully you didn’t mind my cheesy intro Because I totally am working on stuff and it’s kind of top secret, but I want you guys to know that I am trying to contribute to the gun community. Uh, instead of just making videos trying to come up with new designs, products and stuff to help the community out. So besides testing trying to design stuff and then test that stuff. So this is the stuff that I’ve been testing the 3d printed upper version 3. So many people have been wanting to see this, so I figured, let’s finally do it. And, um, sad to say version Two lasted longer than version three. And if you watched my video on how to save a crack in your cracked 3d printed object, This was the upper I showed, and it was cracked, right where the charging handle sits and the crack got worse and what? I realized I realized too late that this thing is picky to lowers it wouldn’t fit properly in my in the spike’s pistol order that we have, and we put it in our Anderson pistol lower, and it fit right in, so maybe the tolerances are looser in the Anderson, which is to be expected. But we probably have. I’d say 30 rounds to this guy, and I quit because this is dangerous to use so since it’s threaded, I’ve got the gas block on. I was running suppressed and my buddy gave me old steel case 22 long rifle and it was able to cycle. Sometimes sometimes it would so the amount of functions I had. I didn’t think it was ammo related. The malfunctions I had was when you fired. The hammer would send forward and stay on the firing pin. You would think that’s full auto. Thank goodness it wasn’t. It was just being a really odd malfunction and it would just like slightly tap the firing pin. It would just stay there so it wouldn’t reset. It would just it probably didn’t have enough energy to reset, but it had enough energy to pick up the next round and put in the chamber. So it’s very, very interesting, but why I think it was doing that is because I was cracked right there you can, I can see the camera and yeah, that’s a bad crack and that’s. Why, I’m not shooting this guy anymore? Because I’m shooting to suppress. I wasn’t wearing any ear protection, and I swapped up swapped ammunition and put cci blazer through it and ill. Show you what I have what I show you, I’ll show you. What happened in that video? Start with the close-up with this crack. We’ll call me a liar, so guys what I can figure out was that ammo was quite a bit louder and I figured it’s going to get louder because it’s a hot around, but it’s not like it’s you’re hearing a supersite crackdown range. It’s very, very loud here and we’re getting more smoke coming out here in the crack, and that’s very scary. I’m really scared of my thinking, but I don’t think this would like explode on me because it doesn’t have a lot of pressure and it’s just a reciprocating bolt and the bolts not completely reciprocating like a 556 bolt or a full-size air roll. It’s on, I don’t have the bolt laying around, but it’s basically just on a spring and it comes back and forth into this upper receiver, so it probably wouldn’t probably wouldn’t break through, but you never know when I’m not going to take the risk, so that really stinks and people are now there’s more people training these and more people are saying to lay the file flat on your slicer and print it sideways. I’ve always printed it upside down, and that’s why version one and two failed because they cracked on your takedown pin holes, Apparently you’re supposed to print sideways and it’s stronger, and then we wouldn’t have the problem back here and yeah. I finally got some screws there. Three, uh, m3 so the three millimeter screws and they hold my hand guard on, but they’re not super tight because this is like my original hand guard, and it needs to be reprinted. It’s not very tight, So there’s that just an update, guys. I really need to know you want to see a version 4 These videos are getting expensive because yet filament is cheap. But I’ve printed this several times now. And I don’t know how interested you guys are. If you’re interested in seeing a version 4 tell them in the comments below. If you want to help the channel out, I’d really appreciate if you went down to my teespring account first link in the description below and picked up a t-shirt because buying a shirt, a mug, a sticker or a phone case would help the channel out and help produce more videos like this. Because if you guys are interested in it. This is a very interesting topic. Just 3d printing stuff. I’d really. It would really help me out if you went down there and purchased something. So I’ll leave you with this guy’s. 3d printing is simple yet complicated at the same time. So I’ve never seen this problem before. But again, Piccio lowers. Which is the first time I’ve ever seen that happen. I don’t know, it would be cool if we could get this guy to run really well, but you guys will decide for me. Comments below. Thank you guys for watching. I know it wasn’t the update you wanted. I wanted to give a 500 run. Update and show you how awesome it is, but 30 round update. And it’s not that great. Thank you guys for watching ill. See you next time.

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