3d Printed Aquarium Filter | Building A Diy 3d Printed Air Lift Filter Pump For My Aquarium


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Building A Diy 3d Printed Air Lift Filter Pump For My Aquarium


Max power, hey! I’ve never done this before. [music] Guten tag everybody! I know that you’re excited that your boy is finally uploading another video, but friends do, but rent is due. Rent is due you you you but rents you so. I had to step up my game and upload another video. Just kidding. I am not monetized yet. Anyways, don’t get too excited. I don’t want you to hurt yourself for today’s video. You and the only thing I have been neglecting lately. I also have been neglecting. My aquarium is the time for another me to memes in the intro. Is it too much? I have been neglecting my aquarium because I was busy snuggling with peanuts. They’re so cute, Can I? Please let me show you guys? What’s like? So my plan is to show some appreciation to my fish and spoil them with a huge overhaul of the aquarium? The problem is that I cannot Omaha the aquarium with them being inside, so I kept my eye open for cheap aquariums. Luckily, I found one on the streets, Bonesy, Dissemination and small office-like, fatherly advice. Anything that’s nothing here, don’t get it. Oh, nice, nice. Oh, no! There is the beauty nice, okay. I’ll throw this stuff into the fresh and this stuff that you came here for one. Man’s trash is another man’s as they say, lets. Bring this bad boy home. I need, I thought to myself. Why should I pay 10 bucks for perfectly fine food aquarium pump When I could also build one myself, which is worse, but also more expensive. So this is the goal of today’s. Video, let’s set up the aquarium. Go to the fish store, buy an air pump design the air lift filter pump. Then we’re gonna print an assemble. The elephant pump. It’s totally beautiful outside. I could be hanging out at the beach. Damn it, really do be beautiful outside right now. But you know what it’s not beautiful or? Dan is not built for her to you, but I’m here grinding, providing content for you, so the first thing to do fill it up completely, so we can make sure that it doesn’t break is much my cause like live in Nov. Yeah, it was a Youtube stuff now. We gotta carry all this water out one bucket at a time. So now we know that this creme is actually sturdy enough. Oh, where’s my second pocket at four or five or something? I’m not gonna put any substrate into it because just because just like a little summer house where the fish are gonna stay a couple of weeks until I got the big aquarium or setup. So the aquarium is basically ready for an airlift filter pump. Your boy would be your boy if you would try to make one by. Zone, which inevitably, were gonna be worse than one. You could buy at the store. Children, spend your money wisely. What is it for drugs the last time? I was at my local pet store, so I’m undecided between these two. I already bought an air pump because what I love try to build is an airless filter pump. But freezie. I hear you, screech. What is an airless filter? Pump, good question, fellow pleb when a leaf litter pump is basically something which I don’t understand. It has something to do with physics, and I have a theory how it works. I think it has something to do with the Bernoulli equation, but Frazee? What is the Bernoulli equation? Excellent question. I had fluid mechanics like two and a half years ago. So, uh, cut me some slack The Bernoulli equation. If I remember correctly basically claims that there’s always the sort of perfect balance. My boy Taro’s hold up. Hold up, Is Tanis Actually Bernoulli. Okay, moving on. So it basically says that there’s balance of forces inside any kind of flowing or even standing water pressure, air stuff. I know very exciting now. For my theory on how the elevator pump works. Actually, let’s jump back about 250 years to the good old days when the utter mendler. Daniel Bernoulli was roaming the streets of the Netherlands, as only few know Bernoulli was one of the first members of the Freezie Army and until this day remains smartest one so one day as Mr Bernouli was sitting in his garden, he watched one of his gardeners working as he was watching the gardener doing his work. He thought about how the air bubble driven water pump. The gardener was using actually works and that’s when he discovered the Bentley equation. What you see here is the Bernoulli equation for incompressible stationary flows without friction, basically saying that there’s a conservation of energy within a flow. Neither can energy be destroyed, nor can it be created. It can solely be transformed into another form, such as velocity or potential energy of the stream, and this can be used to explain why the air bubbles increase the water level of the water inside the pipe. Let’s take a look at our well-built gardener from below the water surface when the air bubbles enter the pipe, you can understand this As a decrease of the density of the fluid within the pipe since the average density of the fluid within the pipe is decreased, the water level within the pipe needs to rise to fulfill the Bernoulli equation as to not make Bernoulli. Hell, Ahmed. Is this somehow understandable? I don’t know. Does anybody care probably not do the fish care not in slightest? Is this a pretty epic sugar glider? [MUSIC] Absolutely. So let’s stop with rambling and lets. Look on the app. Huh, my god? I bought this air pump for like, 25 bucks. I could have just bought a filter pump, but that’s not how we roll at fries and ice smash subscribe. Gosh, done the first time I mentioned this smash. Subscribe, let’s hope it’s really quiet. This is the pump. So this bad boy is gonna make all those beautiful bubbles. Okay, let’s quickly take a look at the pub. Linus Bubbliness. If that’s a word, start the bubbling okay now. Max power, ooh! Why is it so loud? This is some pretty sick, bubbling it’s time to design the LF filter pump, and we’re gonna do this with the fusion 360 cat software. So let’s just jump into it guys, so lets. Just jump it to it, guys. If only senpai could see me now to the computer. [MUSIC] And that’s gonna be awful to pump as you know, by now, we’re gonna use the air bubbles to power our filter pump, and now we gotta print it. This is quite the long printing job so before. Starting the print we’re gonna do some optimization to the printer. Oh, shoot! I try to make this really cool. [MUSIC] from Jr. This one’s neat Habibi equalised Jr. And it was matter Tanzania. Toss my dear madam ice off. Do i Skogen fur cost? It seemed a perfect in the amount. Ian best. I scuba doesn’t buy the Meister onto this and we got the top in the bottle, cap. Now let’s assemble this bad boy. Let’s see whether the bottom cap fits no, okay. Maybe the top lid fits hey. I’m so stupid! I need to print this one again. I’m too excited, let’s see well. The basic concept works need to get this through here. I’m Sean yet well well. That was a failure! [MUSIC] Okay, so this is utter garbage. I need to do this one again. Meanwhile, we can attach the suction cups or shiny cider and we’re gonna use these insert threads. You basically just melt them into the plastic dangerous stuff. Children be careful with soldering parents. So this is the part where we can very. We’ll mess everything up. I’ve never done this before low temperature pretty epic and the second one second. Try, come on boy noise. Look, an epic! Come on, lad. Lid on top breezy. A nice snap right first. We’re gonna simply test with that pumps water. Okay, lets. Put this bad boy over here. This is freaking epic! [music] Come on, sunshine! Keep bubbling. Oh, I’m so excited I was hoping for a little bit more water flow than this. Oh, hey, look at this. You got leakage? We got! Bubble leakage. Oh, [Laughter] man. This is so sad. [music] [Music] you!

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