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Honkai Impact 3rd

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Honkai Master: The Making Of Yae's 3d Print Figure - Honkai Impact 3rd


[MUSIC] Yaaay Sakura is one of the most iconic characters of Hong High-impact third. She lived in a world of sadness and misery. She must defend her sickly sister. But is there anyone who could defend? Yaya Karev [Music] I’ve loved drawing and sculpting since I was young. I remembered seeing in game 3d graphics when I went to my friend’s place during high school. It left a very strong impression on me. I told myself that I must learn how to make this. [applause] the internet. Wasn’t that helpful when I first started learning, I had to buy textbooks to teach myself. I thought I got better at sculpting human forms and shared my works in international forums. I received plenty of feedback in suggestions because it turned out that my works had unnatural proportions. I bought medical textbooks on human anatomy and medical models to better understand the human body. Yes, I’ve got books about nude people lying all around my place. There are plenty of artistic inspirations in real life when I see girls in great-looking poses, I’ll try to memorize it mentally and get home as quickly as I can to replicate that image. These practice sessions eventually coalesced into my unique style of modeling female figures. I was really glad that I could finally make models which expressed my creative ideals. I chose Yeh Sakura. Because of the Sakura Samsara story in Hong High-impact third players would gradually unveil the story of the a Sakura as they cleared missions. I felt compelled to give her the courage to break out of the endless samsara of misery, Though I worked on the modeling. I needed a painter to give you a Sakura. Her soul is a character fused with sorrow and pain. I thus gave her a cold, steely gaze to highlight her personality. I knew I had quite a challenge on my hands when I was tasked with bringing her to life. I wanted to learn sculpting from a young age, but my university art major didn’t. Give me the experience that I wanted. My youthful passions drove me to attend the Florence School of Fine Arts in Italy. I painted many bjd doll heads during my learning process. I completed over 100 heads in a year and a beautiful It foundation for my career painting techniques can be divided into two aspects with hard skills being the first. You must know the pigment or paint. The best fits the material. The second would be soft skills. We must understand the model and plan the coloring sequence. Accordingly, the face is a heart of the entire project, and it’s the hardest part as well. I can redeem a model or win it completely. [MUSIC] I chose a secures Flame Saki-sama battlesuit because it looks good. The warring State’s armor she wore gave off an aura of tenacity and courage. I initially started with Sakura’s Gakushin Miko rebel priestess outfits. But I soon found out that flame. Saki Tama was simply more powerful personally. I prefer a semi realistic approach to my projects. My models tend to have a more powerful and solid build preferred by the Western audience. This might contradict the essential elements of Valkyrie aesthetics in Hong-kyun pack. Third, I revised her physical proportions and musculature, many many times to find the perfect balance, a secret lies in the pose of the finished work. You’ll notice that Yeh Sakura’s sleeves and robes assume an S shape. When viewed from afar, you’ll also notice another S When you get closer. These two SS superimpose upon each other manifesting a Sakura as the epitome of power and grace before I started this painting project. I spent a huge amount of time at secondhand bookstores looking for books about ancient armor. Many soldiers of the warring States era wore pieces of hardened bamboo. I try to recreate the sense by the armor was well worn and tested in battle. Flame socket armor has a pure. Crimson vibe. A slight shift of color would spell disaster. Every shade gleams a had to be applied with his extra caution. The decorator pattern. Estas, acquiesce roll post another challenge. The mortal of fashioned ropes was dynamic, flowing curves painted that require repeated layering and masking the heads with the toughest part of the entire project. I used cosmetic brushes and special techniques to create a realistic, vibrant and useful skin tone off the head. The eyes were the most difficult to paint at favorite, literally make or break no tartar. I used real hair to create her eyelashes and gave her a Stevie Warrior gaze fitting of the I Sakura inhibitions armor. We replaced to a priest S outfit with armor baptized in the flames of war. This is our Valkyrie J. Sakura [Music] you!

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