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3d Printed Airsoft Accessories!


Hello, and welcome to the six millimeter riflemen airsoft channel. Hello, everyone and welcome to the six millimeter rifleman channel im! Mike and I recently bought a 3d printer black Friday. I had a thought, but there’s probably going to be some interesting airsoft stuff that we can print so what I did is. I got my friend. Ryan and we both decided to go. Find some airsoft stuff. I can 3d print and have a look at to see if it’s any good pretty much. Okay, so hello, Ryan. Um, it’s not as if we’ve been talking for the past like half an hour already, This totally isn’t fabricated. Yeah, but, um, okay, so lets what I’m going to, do, I think. What do you think I’m thinking? We both find a item. That’s airsoft related that I try and I print and then see if it’s of any use. Yeah, we’ll have to try and [Music] possibly search for different things. Otherwise, we’re going to be looking at the exact same pages, so I’m going to generically search airsoft to start with, Uh, I’m gonna have to find something else. Um, I might just try a tactical, please. Don’t make it so intense that I use all of my filaments. All right, tactical brings up some related stuff. Okay, let’s see, we’ve got vsr10 Magpuls compensators a lot of compensators and suppressors. I’m seeing an alarming amount of Nerf stuff That’s because it’s NERF or nothing. A lot of front grips. Uh, yeah, nothing. That’s jumped out to me so far, I’m not gonna lie. This is kind of a oh. Actually, that might that’s a thing. I think I found what I might choose there. I think I said this. The other day there’s a bayonet, mount. Oh, there’s a knife that mounts onto 40 millimeter threads, Which sounds bitchin. I found something here called a self-defense shoe insert. What sent that over? I want to see what a self-defense shoe. Inside looks like a bunch of like spikes, but it doesn’t say like how it’s supposed to go together with your shoe spikes with some spikes on top of the phone. There’s no context as to how you’re actually tactical egg carrier, an egg carrier. What the case you need to make some scrambles? My wife needed a way to safely transport an egg to work for lunch. Um, chicken dentures. What, oh, this has got a description and a half. I’ve been training my chickens to hunt, and it occurred to me that they’re mean enough and their tactical skills are on par, but they just don’t have the teeth to tear and rend flesh from bones. After minutes of contemplating research, I designed these chicken dentures this way. My chickens should be able to sufficiently latch onto the praise neck and drain them of their life-giving blood print these out, take them and the chickens to the local dentist have him apply a crown cement to the chicken’s, beaks and insert the dentures. The next part is very important. The dentist will need to tape the beak shut, and the tape will have to stay there for at least one hour cement to set when this is done. You’ll need to feed the chicken soup for the next day for a full cure of the cement after 24 hours. Your chickens will be battle. Ready The [ __ ]! Have you discovered plans for battle? Ready, chicken. Have you found something you’d like to see, uh, printed yet? Yeah, uh, it’s really the only thing I’ve got tactical cigar holder downloading. Uh, if you don’t go into an airsoft game with a tactical cigar, I’m going to be upset that I printed this. So the three things were gonna print. Are the suppressor can adapter thing the 14 millimeter knife, flash hider, weird thing and a special extra few Ryan, the tactical cigar holder. Yeah, if that’s not like if you don’t use it as a like as a site looking down cigar at target, then what’s the point? But okay, cool, I’m gonna get to work printing These. We shall see how they turn out me like before. Show me your teeth in. [MUSIC] act tongues, you have [Music] one? [MUSIC] Show me that I’m enough. Let’s disregard all the things that you’ve done [Music] to break me [Music]! Oh, I guess you are probably right. [MUSIC] [Music] and how I can’t trust myself [Music] oh [Music] okay. Everyone so here are our parts. This is the part for the, uh, the can suppressor. I have a monster! Can that we’re going to take apart in a second to fit it? We have the cigar stand which actually broke in printing. Which where is it? You’re not breaking printing? But I kind of break it after by super glued it together. And this is the bayonet. So let’s do a little bit of assembly. Oh, it’s a bit warm well. That bit works Perfect, very suppressory. Now this should be a bit easier. Considering we’ve only got some parts to, uh, to super glue together, I’m going to use some masking tape just to hold it together, so fingers crossed. This one’s a bit easier. You know, I think that’s already a set, so what we’ve got out? We’ve got damn fingers, so it’s just going to be adhering it to this, okay. Cool, let’s do that right now. I’m going to go and leave these to set for about 5-10 minutes. And then I’m going to come back to them, okay. So first thing we’re going to look at is the goddamn can suppressor. So it’s all attached so earlier holes have been made. And I have my vfc mp7 AEG and I have a mount on the end here to see if it actually works so, uh. I guess we just twist it on, okay. The threads aren’t tight, So I’ve got an idea quickly. Let’s put a little bit of ptfe tape on the end of the threading. Yeah, let’s see, let’s see for a second. If, uh, if that’s enough, it’s kind of fun, but oh, my god, that looks atrocious! Holy [ __ ]! Well, I, uh. I guess you could say it. Technically does work, although the threads aren’t very good and it’s a little wobbly, so you may have to make a bigger hole at the end of the gun it doesn’t, you know it doesn’t fall off its. Actually, it’s actually on you. Could you could use it? I don’t know how much I’d recommend it, but hey, Maya might try. Uh, a game with it at some point in the future. If I can make it a little bit more secure, This is so stupid. I mean, it’s pretty cool like even a monster. [ __ ] candy! Let me go this way. Goddamn can as your suppressor look! How stupid that is, okay, So that’s one item down. I guess this is a success. If you really wanted to, you could use it for airsoft. Let’s try the other barometer adapter. Now let’s try the, uh, lets. Try the stabby, okay, So now we have the, uh, the muzzle knife sort of thing now. I will say the throwing on this. One actually works a lot better than, uh, than the threading on the suppressor adapter. Sort of thing, this one. It was kind of loose and stuff where this one actually works. Kind of. Well now again. It’s not perfect, it can still use a bit of an adjustment, but as you can see, it is actually on. It’s in a nice position. I mean, if your field allows those sort of kills, you can just kind of poke someone by all means this actually might be a kind of middle, or if you’ve got a different, uh, specific gun to use it with. I don’t really think that can, uh, withstand any actual stabbing impact. Let’s find out all right, printable bayonet stab test. Ideally for airsoft, This shouldn’t work because it’s kind of gonna be dangerous, but I’m also interested in interesting, so let’s hold the weapon as we would. And, oh, [ __ ] okay, okay, that works. That works way too. Well for airsoft. Holy [ __ ] okay, so, uh, verdict as much as this is for airsoft, You probably shouldn’t just stab bang bang! Yeah, Jesus, no, that actually has as quite the point here. There’s no, there’s no sharp edge, so you can’t, really, you can’t chop, but God damn all right, so to recap, we printed the can suppressor adapter we printed the, uh, the bayonet knife that goes onto a, uh, onto 40 millimeter threads like a muzzle device and we also printed the little cigar holder, but this has been given to Ryan a slash gentrous channel. Here, hopefully he’ll get a gameplay with that at some point, and that’ll be funny to see if so, I’ll put a little clip of it in a future video at some point, but anyway, so I think out of all these prints so far, this one. Is you know what I was gonna say? This one is the best, but the fact that it actually, you know, stabs cardboard probably isn’t too great for airsoft, so I’m actually gonna have to go with the can suppressor very dodgy and the threads need a bit of work, but it’s not gonna actually arm. Someone like this thing can because, actually it’s actually got something to it there that if you if you fall and whack into someone, maybe you could piss skin. Who knows, but anyway, if you like this sort of 3d printing videos, I’m going to do some more in the future because I think this is cool. I remember finding it really fascinating and see. What sort of airsoft accessories you can 3d print? So if you want to see that put a comment in the description, otherwise, like, subscribe all that sort of thing and I thank you for watching. [music] me!

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