3d Printed 22 Suppressor | 22lr 100 Round Dump Through 3d Printed Suppressor.

mike allen

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22lr 100 Round Dump Through 3d Printed Suppressor.


Okay, so, um, just down here today. Doing some, um, testing on these, Uh, suppressors, uh, three different models here. Um, we’ve got straight baffles K baffles, and then we also have the Tesla baffles. So these are these are have been performing really well on the 22 long rifle. Um, twin two magnum, Uh, hasn’t been probably bringing the volume. The the sound down just as much as I would have liked so probably looking at doing a a bigger volume. Um, on, um, something that’s more capable for the 22 Magnum, So I’m just going to do a 100 round mag dump. Um, 22 I’ve been putting a lot around, so it’s getting a bit dirty. Uh, probably going to get a few. Um, a few stoppages. But I’ll just be clearing those as quickly as possible, so I’m going to use the Tesla baffle. Here’s the baffle suppressor, so you can see that’s where it sits over barrel. Um, we’ll, just get get through 100 rounds as quickly as we can, and, uh, there’s a metal nut in there, which gives us a metal thread. We’ll just see how warm that feels this plastic. It melts at 150 degrees. So I know that it’s impossible to to melt this suppressor. But, uh, it’s interesting just to see how it, um, how it performs, so lets. Put the bolt forward, put in our first mag. So okay, so we’ll just get started. These are supersonic rounds as well. So, uh, I’m chewing through all my subs. So I just want to get rid of the supersonic stuff, so lets. See, uh, see how we go. [APPLAUSE] That’s 10. [applause]. There’s 20 [Applause] that’s 30. [applause]. Okay, we’ll swap that over. So that was our first first malfunction. [APPLAUSE] That’s 40. [applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]. Okay, we didn’t get through all the way through one of those bags, so I’m just going to do another one. I’ve got a spare one just to get us over that 100 round. Count, okay, so a little over 100 we end up doing about 105 so just feel it now. A little bit of warmth, cold back here, a little bit of warmth in the front. Okay, so really, really not very hot at all. So that was I mean, 105 rounds. I think I got out 105 Yep, so it was over 100 rounds anyway, and we can feel okay. That’s only just warm, so obviously nowhere near 100 100 degrees, or there’s no way I could be putting my hands on it like that, so that’s. Um, yeah, any concerns that people would have that? This is going to heat up. Um, heat up too much of it’s really not a concern at all, so and again, the the weight of this is is just fantastic. You put that on your rifle and, um, and you would. You’d hardly know you’ve even got a suppressor on there. So, um, perhaps the next model, we might go a little bit shorter. So this is the the barrel forward section. We might go a little bit shorter and a little bit more volume, so getting pretty close to to getting these onto the market. So, um, now, pretty cool. So, uh, these are magazine extensions. They’re really cool as well, so shout out to victory through position as well for for sending me one of those I’ve been using that and and and magazine, um, magazines in and out really nice. So, uh, quite a big fan of those now. So, um, all right, so that’s a good mag hundred rounds. It’s very unlikely you’ll be firing 100 rounds that quickly. Um, especially not if you’re aiming. So, um, that’s a good test of that. So, um, next video, I’m probably going to do a bit more to a bit more testing. Um, on my twin two magnum. Um, been really happy with this rifle. Unfortunately, uh, shot through my stockpile of ammo and, uh, it’s getting more popular. The 22 Magnum and getting harder to get that ammo. So there’s more coming in next week and I’ll I’ll be. I’ll be stocking up on that when it comes in, uh, looking at taking this action and setting it back into a custom made stock. Um, the thing I really don’t like about. This rifle was just the length of it. So, um, 29 inches for the barreled action if we can sit that back into a stock like that and bring it down to maybe 34 35 inches long. I think this is a really fantastic rifle. Um, used it quite a lot. I only had one misfire, which I think was probably just a dud round, um, out of hundreds and hundreds of rounds. So I’m really happy with this rifle, and I think this is going to be one of my main rifles in the future. So, um, as far as decibels go. Um, all three of these suppressors have been have been working really well. Um, bringing the decibels down from about 105 down to about 95 or even just a little bit less with the with those, um, Tesla valves, which actually are winning the competition at the moment. So, um, anyway, pretty interesting stuff and, uh, like. I said I’ll be doing some more testing on the on the Twin Two Magnum. Once I get, um, a bit more ammo in so, okay, we’ll catch you later.

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