3d Printable Pip Boy 3000 | How To 3d Print A Pip-boy!


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How To 3d Print A Pip-boy!


Hi, guys! I’m Benny, and this is my brother Jacob. Oh, sorry, hi, so while. Svetlana is working on her Gos’s rifle from Fallout 4 We decided to 3d print her pitbull and how we did that. You can see now that we. D model, we use our printers from the website Y. Tech 3d dot-com. So make sure to check them out. After downloading the files, we open them. In our 3d printing software, we decided to print our parts of regular ABS and on the best resolution, a medium info grid and the standard settings for support work fine for us by pressing print. The program now converts your 3d model into movement for the printer. You can actually see all the layers as well as the mesh. Your machine will create. Our printer is as rx. M 200 from Poland. After booting up our model, we started to print machine now adds layer after layer of ABS plastic to create the parts. Here you can see the info mesh that gives your parts more strength on the printers done. Just take it out of the machine and clip away the support material We actually lost hound of how many hours you printed in total, but it was a lot. The printed pieces looked very angular, so we had to clean them up using sandpaper and pliers. It took a lot of work, but in the end, the parts look very clean now. We took some acetone, a sealed glass bottle and some print leftovers to make our own. Avs key. Let the leftovers dissolve a few hours, induce the resulting paste to glue together. Your parts, this so-called. ABS slurry melts your surfaces together to create a super strong bond since our Fit Body had to be old and rusty, we used a brush and some superglue to dab on a bit of rough texture here and there after the weathering these parts will look very good now. We took a dark brown color of spray paint and coated our pieces. With after that, we added, a green shading with an average colors, we also painted some part, silver or black and masked off areas that had to stay in another color. We use the same techniques for some of our metal looking parts and also for our hollow tape. Now we have to connect our finished pieces. We use super glue for some of the smaller pieces and also use some screws to connect others. I recreated the display pieces in Adobe Illustrator, then printed them out with some glossy photo paper. Assembling the whole pip-boy surely take some work, but luckily, why take 3d has some good instructions on their website? All that was left now was to connect the two main body pieces with long screws and we could finally move on to the next works gun since I don’t know Jack about Leds. So Atlanta took care of our wiring in total, It was too orange and one white LED. She connected them to a nine volts block battery. And voila! It was light. I really liked the snap mechanism on this thing, Very elegant, one pip-boy out of the factory check, but wait, it’s the apocalypse. There are no new and clean things anymore, so it’s time to add a couple of years in the wasteland. We started with a sepia color gouache from our friendly neighborhood. Warhammer shop just take a broad brush and apply it generously. Now take a wipe and clean it up again until there’s only a little bit of color left in the nooks and crannies. You can really go all out and let it rip the Messier the better. This already looks a lot better, but you’re not quite done yet. I use some thick acrylics and mix them with a lot of water to get a rustic color, And then I went over. The paths will be applied superglue earlier and also searched the spots where rust might have grown naturally. After wiping it away, we ended up with really greasy and messy looking to toy. Yay, these blood fly Cuts are really hard to get off, and the last step was to use some silver rubber buff and trace around some of the edges to give it a nice chip. Upload the display We used to official the festive pip-boy. Iphone app and cover the rest of the screen with some black card code, so tighten the clamp, set the radio tube and put in your holotape. The fallout pit boy is done so. I hope you like this little video and the little Corgi puppy. So see you next time. Bye bye! Bye bye! How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggly chain.

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