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Miniature 3d Printed - Fdm 3d Printed Room Kitchen


Hi every one I thought it might be fun to make a room with my 3D printer So I started it up And printed a lot of parts As I designed on Fusion 360 Here it prints at 2 times normal speed It took what felt like an eternity to print the window frame Side wick, and behind wick And the floor But it turned out pretty well And they need to be able to “pop” the same In these small edges and grooves I have made And I use Tamiya Cement glue To glue these parts together For it will not stick together without glue I will place a link in the info box below To all my STL files So you can print this space yourself First, I glue the floor to the back wall Then I glue the side wall in place It was a little difficult I will make the windows in the window with resin And for that, I tap the back of the window With resin tape, you can find it on E-bay I fill all the holes in the window I heel hard UV resin in every part of the window And I make sure the resin is spread properly and evenly In all 4 holes in the window Then I take my UV lamp And I start over And walks quietly closer to the window And when I’m ready, I put it under my UV lamp By starting slowly with the UV flashlight Then I avoid it bending / bending Witnessed so it is still straight and neat Now I’m just peeling off this sticky tape And I clean what is left of it So now it’s neat and clean And I can glue it in my little room The first cabinet is pretty easy to make It is only with 3 small drawers A table top, and of course the handles For the drawers I glue all my parts together, but you do not have to do that, If you want to be able to move things around I have printed this shelf part which fits into the corner Next to the window This way, your furniture will not get in kambulace with the window frame And then there will also be some storage space above the kitchen table Then I glue the small cupboard with the drawers that we just made, firmly For the shelf part that we just put in Actually fits this little drawer piece of furniture So the shelves only go over this little drawer piece of furniture And now to the oven / hob I have cut out a piece of clear plastic To the pane of the oven door And I glue it to the back of the door I glue the hotplates firmly on top of the oven And I place all the knobs for the ovens Then I put these parts for the oven in place And I have this really thin steel wire Which I cut to length Place the door and I will Push the steel wire in, as you see me do here And it can be a little awkward It was the oven and it is ready to go into the room Now to a small cupboard freezer These frames are printed with a rounded edge And it must turn upside down Now this transparent thing needs to be glued to the edge Off the shelf Do this with both of them And I glue these little holders on the fridge door Make sure you turn them the right way So the opening is at the top Again, I use my thin steel wire, and press it down Through the door and the closet And here I just put a piece in and cut off the superfluous And assure me there is nothing sticking out Glue the handle on And the table top And the table top here also this rounded side, on one of the edges and this is the front Now you just put the shelves in And you are completely done with the little fridge Now to the kitchen sink I start with the two gray parts here And I paint them silver And I use my silver ink paint for that as I love the result Then I glue the trash can on the inside of the door And then I glue the drain on, the one part we painted silver And I make sure that the hole in the drain and the hole in the sink fit together I place the door on the closet, just like we did on the other furniture Then glue the handle on Now for the tabletop, I have made one that can go over two pieces of furniture Which I use here So I glue the table top Stick to the sink first And then I glue my little fridge Next to the sink cabinet I have made a print file for the sink countertop Where it is only for the sink And I glued the faucet in the small hole in the tabletop So now we have a few more components to place in our kitchen You can either leave them loose so you can Move them around as you like But I glue them on, outside the camera I printed the hood, which I have here There are two parts where you just glue this little shelf part Down in the hood itself And I glue mine firmly to the wall So it sticks and does not get lost I printed 2 wall cabinets And again, I used some transparent wrapping plastic for the door And I put the door on with the steel wire Just like with the other doors And I glue them in place too I have not made any kind of suspension system so you just can Hang them up and move them around Because I wanted it to be easy to print This little coffee set I have here For coffee filters Is an old print Which I use for this bad room as I think it fits perfectly So I put some glue on here, and And glue it on the wall where I want it And the coffee filter thing comes up on a shelf I ended up gluing a small magnet inside the doors And on the door in the closets, in it Corner where the handles are That way, they close a little better than before So I just place it on the shelf In the upper cabinets Then I found these chairs that I printed a long time ago They fit perfectly in the small kitchen And I made this table that fits the chairs And that’s all there is to this little kitchen until now If you have any ideas for things I can 3D print For this small kitchen So please tell me that in the comment field below That’s all for today Thank you for watching And enjoy

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