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Raspberry Pi 3b+ 3d Printed Sleeve!


I need a place to put this pie. Hey, guys, Matt. Here, home science, ideas and today. I wanted to take you guys along with me to show you This new Raspberry Pi sleeve that I’m actually printing if you guys want the STL file of it, so you can print your own, then go ahead and look in the description below, so I wanted to take you guys kind of through the whole process of how I basically get it to where I need it. The one that I printed off already and I’ll show you through this video, What I did and what I change, but the one that I printed originally, it didn’t fit mine because of one reason, the heatsink, the jelly that’s in between, they’re not the jelly, but the stuff that’s in between it to keep it stuck to the chip. It basically was a little too thick and so. I had to modify this. This STL file in order to get it to where I needed to be. I also added a couple features to it that I think you guys might like, so I am just getting started on this channel. So if you guys have any suggestions on this video on how to improve things around here, please let me know in the comments section below. I’m looking forward to connecting with you guys. So if you have any questions of any kind, feel free to comment below on anything that I’m doing here. Okay, so let’s get started, so I’m printing off sleeve. I found in Thingiverse for this pie. I like that. It has vent holes a lot better. The only thing that I think I don’t like about this. Is that neither on this side? Nor on the other side, our legs, it would be cool to basically put some legs on it and then set it down flat like kind of like that, but have some air in between it. It would also be cool to add some fan screw holes, so might modify a little bit. My surface is not very good on this, but I’m working on that right now. I did make some changes, so the next print. I’m hoping any of you guys have a Raspberry Pi. And if you do, have you printed your own sleeve just yet, so this is why we have printers right because we can do things that nobody else can do because we are. The people of the 3d printing not too shabby, came off nice and easy. I mean, decent part. I need to definitely tune my. I think it’s my slicer settings because I have it just basically on a basic profile, but it’s kind of crappy, actually, but anyways, is it functional? That’s it’s kind of what we’re going for, right, so take this off and put it on or and put put this in now. This is on my iPhone here, but yeah, you don’t just want to unplug it. You want to go -? I’m sorry, this is on an Octa print, or, you know, it’s basically I’m using octo print for this. So you want to go to the sea? Shut down system proceed and you can turn it off the power Turn off the power. See if I can do this one-handed. Tiffany, one fits. I should probably show you guys – Uh-huh. I probably have to do some adjusting of it. Considering like my thing isn’t dialed in as best as I’ve wanted or as good as I’d want it. What’s a kitchen on here? Come on, baby! You look at my board here. The reason why it’s not going in is right there. The heat sink. So I don’t think that the designer took a heat sink into account. So what I’m gonna probably do is take this into Tinkercad and I’m going to make it just a little taller and I’m gonna shift that nub there a little bit over, but it would cause problems over there, though. So probably just a little taller should be good, so I’ll figure it out on little closer inspection. I’m not saying this is gonna work, but I think the culprit is. Actually this orange Goo. I had a case on it. The case came busted, so lets. Take that orange goo off and see if it fits. Orange stuff is gone and still no. Look, so let’s go ahead and let’s redesign this in Tinkercad. I don’t think I got to do much. I’m gonna probably have to follow that line all the way back, so I’ll probably make a box in Tinkercad that’s about that size and then run it all the way back so that I’m cutting it basically here as well and then possibly back here. God bless you! Take her kid. I did make some changes. I even made changes to my slicer settings, and as you can see, things aren’t going very good with my slicer For those of you. That don’t know a slicer is basically something that cuts up the part into slices, which makes it to be able to print, so we’ll go into that on future videos, but I made the modifications. I even added a little feature that I’ll show you in the end. What this is done printing, but I just wanted to let you guys know that the changes were successful. We’ll see if it fits, though, right, it wasn’t a total waste. Let’s see if it fits my board. My raspberry pie, yeah? I’m gonna do this with one hand. Okay, let’s try it and try to get it on video here because this will actually tell me if I need to adjust it. Okay, So that’s obviously fitting under it now, so it’s. Nope, you taught him something else there. We go so as we could see. Good enough, right, everything fits good. There’s not too much play in. It need to probably have a new face, put on it. I was so close to getting this damn thing done good clearance on everything. So it wasn’t a total loss. I mean, I’m I’m able to check everything card sticks out. That’s the other thing that I like about. This One. Is the card sticks out a little bit, So if you want to remove it and you want to change stuff on there, you can so so, yeah. The little hack went good or the little change modification that I made to it. Fit it in there with that heat sink another modification. I added to it because I read somewhere that people were like. Oh, it’d be cool. If you can see the lights, the lights are right around there and this and this hole and so. I’m hoping that as we plug this in, we’ll be able to see the lights flickering and stuff like that. So and but yeah, so I have to print another one cray cray. So since that part failed what I ended up having to do, and I’m not saying this is working yet. I’m just thinking it might is on the Cr 10’s Pro, which is what I have here. A lot of people actually don’t know how to adjust or tighten the belt. If you take off this plate, that’s in the back here. You’ll have access to this, and as you can see, there’s a little bit. The holes are not completely round. They’re kind of shifted holes and so what you can do is you can grab this and you need to pull that back and you need to tighten it up. If you’re getting there shifting on the y axis or the Z axis, the Z is over here more. I’ll show you that in a second, but you want to hear something like this? See how it swings like a guitar? That’s what you want now what we want to do. Is we want to get the two? The two wrenches, Allen Keys that come with York reality. And you want to basically loosen up this bolt. This bolt here. Okay, then you want to take your Allen Key? The bigger one. And you want to kind of push it in there. It’s down as hard as you can get it. And then you want to kind of pull as hard as you can without. I mean, not as hard as you can. I mean, you might be really strong and bust this thing. Okay, but you want to pull pretty good and then from there, you want to tighten up while you’re holding that other bolt, you want to use the hand that I’m holding the camera with, and you want to tighten up just one. Okay, then you can adjust this, but you wanted to make this just not super tight yet, but pretty tight and then adjust this to where you want it. I have mine sticking up because I found that It actually gives me a better print, but I might adjust it back. I’m just not sure yet, so I have it that way for now. So once you find where you want it here, then you just tighten it up there and then just make sure both of these are tight after that, and you should be good on your belt and on this one as well. You want a twang, Okay, like a little guitar. You should hear it -. Duane, okay, So hopefully that fixes the issue. Let’s print another copy also in my Kara settings. I set this to. I basically turned off acceleration, and I turned off jerk settings to try and see if that would help because I noticed it still goes a little fast and it’s when it’s moving around now it it doesn’t move as fast, but I’m not going for fast. I just want the part to print so so hopefully that helps so we’ll see how this comes out, not my best print, but looks good nonetheless pulled away from the bed really easy. I did attempt to put little tiny legs on there, but as you could see, they’re just tuning tiny. Well, they might not be. I’ll try it out. I did want to show you guys the difference between the two, okay. This is the last one that I did. [MUSIC] And as you can see, the new one is thinner here. Okay, those legs, right, There are thinner and that gives me an area to get my heat sink all the way back and as you can see in the back there too, There’s a little screen. Okay, and that is to make the lights shine through, so you can tell if your pie is working or not, let’s get it on not really happy with the stringing and stuff on this either. So there’s a lot of stringing it’s? I mean, it’s small strings, but stringing nonetheless, I definitely need them to dial in my slicer or something because I’m getting getting pretty bad stuff going on here. In my opinion, the pro usually prints really good anyway, all right. Hopefully it fits, huh? All this trouble and it doesn’t fit that would suck the faceplate off. Actually, you know what? I’m gonna leave that on there, cuz. I was a pain in the butt to get it on there. Bam, this snaps on there. A little bit better and the legs. Yeah, they definitely need to be a little bigger, so what? I’ll do is Ill. I’ll edit the STL file on this, and then I’ll upload my version to my Thingiverse and that is in the description below. You guys, but pretty dang cool. So I’ll also link the original, obviously because the dude deserves credit for it so me, I’m gonna turn it on in a second, so we can see the lights too, so let’s go ahead and do that. Okay, so it’s all together and there you go. Bam, the lights are shining through so you can tell if it’s on, I could probably just redo the screen and just have a hole right there around the lights, but pretty good so anyways. That’s it for this project, You guys, if you want to see more, obviously click the like, like button or kick it or whatever you want to do and. I’ll have more coming to you. Guys, mods and stuff for different printers. I am getting a Enduro 5 pretty soon, and I also have another printer to show you. It’s a GJ. Excuse me, a JG magic or JG maker. So, you know, subscribe so that you can get all the video updates on those things So like I said, all the links and everything for everything will be below. I’ll even put a link for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+. I’m gonna be doing videos on that as well because I set up my camera through it, and I know how to adjust it and everything behind the scenes and Linux. Basically, so anyways, God bless you guys. And like always peace [Music].

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