3d Print Hard Drive Enclosure | 3d Printing A Hard Drive Enclosure

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3d Printing A Hard Drive Enclosure


Well, we got an extra hard drive. What are we gonna do with it? [MUSIC] [Music] Well, guys, what’s up in the last video that I put up? I upgraded the hard drive of my computer to solid-state drive, but now I have a perfectly good hard drive. I reformatted the hard drive the old hard drive for my computer, and now what I was gonna do was buy an enclosure for it. But then I thought I have a 3d printer. Why now, why don’t? I just make one, so that’s exactly what I’ve done now. I’m gonna do this all low-tech like and stuff because well, you know, just because you like it. So here we go alright well. Here is my hard drive enclosure. I’ve even got some fanciest to put little like, you know, clips and stuff on it that way, you know, as I can put the lid on, and it’ll snap into place something like that. Here’s the here’s that the hard drive is gonna be in there, then on the top. I’ve got a better opening. My camera is just bailing and focusing right now Got an opening for the for the the SATA plug that I’ve got because, you know I got that USB to Sata adapter there. I might as well use it for more than just this one thing. Even though it was only like eight bucks, you know, okay, so there we have it, there’s. The gist of what this hard drive enclosure is gonna look like so. I’ve got it actually running on the 3d printer right now, so it’s gonna be probably another six hours until the whole thing is done. The top piece, which is the small piece is gonna take about 50 minutes and then the rest of it. It’s just a it’s just a big box, and you know, it’s gonna take. I don’t think it was like five hours four and a half hours. Something like that, so it’s gonna be five or six hours all in unless I decide to speed it up a little bit, which I probably won’t. I like to go nice and slow. Get some nice good resolution and not a whole lot of Z dancing around. You know, Wavines’s stuff. Plus, you know, this hard drive has to fit down inside of there as I almost dropped my phone and I did allow point three millimeters all the way around, which should be more than enough, but I guess we’ll find out that’s I’m gonna do the top piece first, and if I need to allow a little bit more tolerance inside of the enclosure, then I’ll go ahead and fix it before I commit to printing the big piece. So all right, stay tuned. We’ll see what happens. Okay, well here. We have the rest of the hard drive enclosure. You can see how it printed lets. Get it off the print bed. It’s early in the morning. Getting ready to go to work? I probably should wait to do this. Here’s the top, so we’re going to do, okay, So the hard drive is slid down in the base, just snaps together, just like that, and I just snapped the lid, Just snaps on, there’s the closers, and now I have a hard drive enclosure and I can plug in lets. See here now. I should be able to plug this guy in just like that, and I have a perfectly good external hard drive for storing. Whatever not that bad, huh? Sniffles this morning? All right, well, there you have it. This last portion of this video is extremely low tech Because it’s morning and I’m getting ready to go to work and I just wanted to get this done. Nice a coffee next time, we’ll see you. Justin’s joint right here.

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