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Making A 3d Printable Tree Dice Tower


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, I’m Josh with me to become video. Gods, now you may remember from last year. I made a certain dice tower. See if I can get it to hover on my hand right here. This dice tower and I made last year and I actually learnt quite a few things from making that dice tower, and we’re gonna be going into what I did wrong and what I did to improve it. Now I actually don’t. Oh, actually didn’t own a dice now before I made this one. So yeah, I learned a lot from that. Basically, you need a larger space for a dice to go in. That is not enough for. I mean, it is, but it’s not when you’re rolling a lot. So today we’re working on a dice tower that is for anyone that likes nature. I guess, but it’s also for elves. It’s for an elf player in my DMD session and it is this right here. You can see here. It’s a tree, it’s a tree. Where you you roll the dice? Then it comes out the bottom. Oh, my god! I legit just rolled. That’s 20 That’s a good sign that this is a this is. This is a good! This is a good purchase. Make this and you can. You can roll 20s now. I’d like to thank my patrons over on patreon for supporting me and making this video possible. So if you want to support me, head over to patreon and pledge a couple dollars per video or per month. It really goes a long way to helping me. It’s literally my only income at the moment. So thank you so much. Guys, let’s get into the make of this thing now. My scope actually kind of corrupted itself because I screwed up, so I’ve only got this little video clip here of me. Sculpting where the dice land I pretty much scope through the entire thing out of a cylinder or a sphere, and it didn’t have a hollow point, so when it came point to when it came time to making it hollow. I I kind of crashed. Zbrush. And I learned from that, but yeah, I don’t have the recording, but I definitely did sculpt it and I won’t be sculpting the way I did. Never again, so don’t try and make things Hollow unless you know what you’re doing on Zbrush. Now I painted this thing with a as I always paint everything with a flat flat with a really cheap rattle can or spray can, and I literally got this from the $2 shop. I still get people asking me I have. What do I undercoat this with? And it is literally just a undercoat, flat black, so stop asking that question, because, yeah, you can pretty much Go to any hardware shop and find some paint that you can use for an undercoat or you can spend some big bucks at Games Workshop for something to get yourself some spray spray paint, and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction for that now. This was the last bit of brown paint that I had left, and I had to water it down quite a bit to make the entire structure. So everything’s brown, and I ended up using like a cheap kids paint now to finish it off, but I didn’t show that off. This is mostly just the warhammer. Let me see if I can remember. This is mostly the mourn Fang Brown, but it is really watered down and it was hard to see and I had to do it an extra coat of brown over the top at the end now when it came time to painting on the inside of the actual model. I decided to leave it really black, so it looks dark on the inside. So at any time, you look down and it’s just black. I thought maybe I could paint the ledge that it roll the dice roll off a brown, but I think it would give away a bit too much, and I like the idea of it being like a really deep love. Is I kind of picture this entire model to be in twenty eight millimeters. So if you had a model next to it, that’s the size of this tree, so the diced tower could literally be Somebody’s house if you really wanted it to, and you definitely couldn’t print this up to not be a diced how you could just attach a roof on the top if you wanted to be a little creative. [MUSIC] Now when it came time to dry, brushing a highlight coat I used XV 88 which is a it’s a towel color that they use on the undercoat for the main towel faction that they take a lot of photos off in the game’s blog shop magazines. But this color is awesome for Woods. I’ve used it for a long time and I’ve always used these two combinations. I think it brings out the woody esteem wood. I think it works probably better for dead wood. Then it does for live wood and because there’s a tree trunk. I considered it to be dead, but I’m not sure what I would use to make. It look more lively. I’d like to make it some trees in the future. I’d actually like to make some dream men and to go along with this tree and I’ll be using the resin printer for that, but I don’t know, I don’t know how to paint living trees, so that’ll be a bit of a challenge for me and otherwise this two colors work really well together and I can’t suggest anything else really like this is. This is what? I’ve always used since since day, one of painting any kind of wood, but yeah, [Music] they could come in with a wash. If you wanted to to fill in some of the gaps like a null oil or an egg cracks, earth shade to just give some more depth to those crinkles. I didn’t do that. I think I might later on, but I was quite happy with the look, but you know, if you want to make more detail, it’s always good to go in, and you could even go in with a fine brush with an even higher highlight and just give those details to the. What do they call bark? The dream bark. Yeah, to give that tree bark, just a little bit more oomph and a little bit more flair, just because I think it’s always awesome to go in with a little bit more effort than less, but in this case, I I went for the less, just because I wanted to have a dice tell. I’m nice and quick. Now this wasn’t actually my idea. Initially it was well. This is for one of my. Dean, D. Members, and he said that he wanted to make a tree and I looked at the models that were online on Thingiverse and I hated all of them. No offense to anyone who worked on any of them, but I did. I just like my own models, and I pretty much print 100% my own models these days, and I said I would make one for him. And he said that he wanted to have the the dives land in like a little grassy patch. So what I’ve done Here is just painted that little catchment tray with some PVA glue and I’ve sprinkled on some flock. Now this is a good and bad thing with this specific model. It’s it can be a good and bad thing if you paint up the PVA glue going up the tower. You might find that when you roll the dice. They catch a little bit catches on the grass, a little too well, and I’ve actually had dice Get stuck up the teller, so I’ve removed all the flock that goes up into the tower itself, so it’s just just on that little catchment tray, but otherwise. I think it looks really cool. It’s really simple. I didn’t want to go overboard because I want the dice. I should be able to move through there. I probably if this was me going wild and not using it as a dice tower. I would have used some static grass because I really love that stuff, but this is a really good method of using flock for like, you know, like moss and stuff that grows up on trees or in the ground and you’d be able to throw this down onto any board that you really wanted to as long as it’s not like, you know, in the desert or something, and it should match pretty well, and you won’t have to worry about things seeming out of place besides that catchment tray, really because it’s got all that moss there, but you could, if you were using this as a model for anything else other than a dice tower. You could probably throw something in there to distract people from thinking that it’s you know, a tray for a dice. Maybe you could put some stones and stuff in there, or, you know, put it on a base and work around it from there, but you know, this is a dice tower. It is meant to be a dice tower but like. I said I would actually really like to see someone. Convert this into something more than a dice tower. Just because I think it has that potential, but you know, a fairy garden or something like that would be perfect for this thing, but yeah for now. It’s it’s a hundred percent of dice Tower. Now when I was applying this, it was, I think thirty degrees or something in in my room or the 40 degrees yawning goes 40 degrees, and I had my fan Gong full blast, so I’m applying this flock and the flock is literally flying out of my hand and going all over the place. You can see it on the keyboard there and it. I would just wasn’t having a very good time making this. Fortunately, it’s cooled down a little bit, and I’ve been able to make this video in particular, but this flock is really painful when it gets in your eyes, and it got in my eyes because of a stem fan that was blowing everything around, but you just gotta make sure that you not doing this with a fan directed completely at where you’re working. Otherwise, he’s just not gonna have a good time. Now when I was applying this, I noticed that the it looked really cool when it went England grooves, but I didn’t want it to be over the top and have too much cross everywhere, but looking back on it. I kind of wish I went in with a really fine brush and filled in more of those gaps and stuff just to let the moss crawl a little bit more higher because I think it’s. I think it’s really cool now. I added another bit of flocking, which is mostly useful like shrubs, bushes and treetops and this did not work very well at all. At first, it seemed like it wasn’t gonna stick whatsoever. And I think I learned from this. Pva glue is great. It’s fantastic, but it doesn’t work for everything, especially for this plastic or this. This specific model. I swear it’s worked on a lot of things, but I’m not sure what was going on. Things weren’t sticking. It took me a couple coats and, yeah, even when it had dried. One of the pieces just fell off and I had to hold it there for a while and really push it in, and I eventually came around to just spraying it with an even coat of watered down PVA, and that was after had slightly dried and even then it was very loose, so I added more PVA by the brush around the edges, and I put some flocking around that around those edges just to make sure that it was really stuck in now. This model is pretty big. It took me around 15 hours to print on normal, so that was 0.15 millimeters on my end a3 I get these questions all the time. That’s what this is! This is on a very low setting. You can see this distance from the camera. It looks really great by bringing up close. You can see the lines here and in my books. I think that’s fine. I honestly don’t care about the lines. I think when you’re looking at a model and you’re looking at a whole range of models on the table. It’s the collective thing that makes it look amazing. If you’re gonna be really finicky, you definitely probably need to heighten the the quality that you’re gonna be printing this out, but it’s going to increase the time and I’m a bit of a stickler for time and I was really happy with this being 15 hours because I get to use it and paint it, and, you know, make this video and make it available for all of you guys, so that’s it. That’s that’s the tower. I can’t wait to see you guys paint these up for yourselves and I’ll print them up first and then paint them up. Now be sure to share all of your makes over on Instagram as well. I really want to see you. Guys use the hashtag food avec arts and over on Thingiverse just not over. I’m thinking guys over on Instagram just to bring that up a little bit more. I do want to have a competition later on probably In February early February, I might make a video just announcing it properly, but you guys are getting an early early access as to what this competition is, so you probably can enter now, but this will be more official later on. We’re gonna have a competition where you draw characters and I will make them for you. So there will be something special later that we can look into next month. I have some plans to make some dwarves as well, so there’s something to look around, look forward to, and otherwise, thanks for coming by and watching and get printing and as always stay awesome, everybody see ya. [music] [Music] who says try?

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