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3d Printing A Dice Tower - 3d Printer Torture Test


Hey, it’s! Joel, the 3d printing nerd. And now is as good a time as ever to put your printer through a printer. Torture test. That’s right, we’re gonna torture your 3d printer. You ready, go? Alright, alright, we’re not actually literally going to take your printer outside and torture. It we’re going to put it through a series of prints that that torture the the abilities of the printer, such as overhangs and certain curbs and certain small, printable areas that stack in certain directions. While here let me show you first, let’s go to simplify 3d all right, Here’s simplify 3d and here is the castle dice tower torture test already pre-loaded. It’s a nice model. It’s got a it’s got this cool, cool staircase that goes all the way to the top. Let me pan down here. So the staircase itself goes all the way down to the bottom. And when you when you roll a dice or roll the dice roll a die. I guess singular plural. It tumbles down the stairs and it comes out and that’s and that’s your roll. What makes this a torture test? Are these things so first? The gate will flip up cool, right, you can close it off And when the when the dice come down the stairs, they stop right here. It’s got little bumps that fit into the either side. So so this is a very tight tolerance right here, it’ll be. I’ll be curious to see if it prints these right here. These are going to be difficult. Prints and quite torturous for the printer to attempt will be neat to see this archway here has a flat area and that’s going to need some bridging. We’ll see if the printer can bridge that these indentations for bricks on the side, those are going to be interesting to see how a printer handles such a detail and see it’s got some overhangs here, and it’s got some bridging. It’ll need to do in these gaps. The big big torturous test, though, is going to come from printing the stairs. Let me show you as the stairs are printed. They’re almost printed in mid-air, so you’ll see as it comes up here, there we go. You can kind of see how it it first takes a filament strand and bridges it across and then, and then it fills it in afterwards. Let me see if I can let me see if I can get in there and you can. You can kind of see what’s happening. Ah, so right there, it’s going to take filament and bring it across, and then it will establish the fill in right there for the stairs, and that’s that’s what becomes the stairs and it does it all the way to the top. No wonder it’s called a torture test up and up. We go! Oh, wow, look at that! The final stair at the top. It starts with the line way out here, and then it bridges everything in there. That’s almost a quarter of the round of this. The circular area That’ll be that’ll be very interesting to see if it if it’s able to accomplish that, wow. This is quite a torturous test here. I hope my printer can handle. It says it’s going to take a little under seven hours to print and simplify 3d is sometimes off on its measurements for time because it can’t. There’s certain things that can’t take into consideration. So this will be an overnight print, thankfully. I’ve already printed it. I’ve already pulled it from the build plate and I want to show it to you once. The object was printed. I pulled it off the build plate and look at this here. It is, it came out phenomenally. Well, there’s a few areas of concern one. Is this this column this this not so vertical column. It’s in a shape of a V. It it fell down. There’s there’s a spot right here underneath the main entryway where the filament is string me. I don’t know if it was the fact that it needed support or if it was the fan placement on the WOM bot that caused this to get stringy. I’ll I’ll have to investigate on the inside. The gate looks a little stringy, and I don’t know if that’s because the printer couldn’t handle it, or if because my settings were off, I’m probably going to side with my settings. We’re off finally with this print. The gate doesn’t move again. I don’t think this is really torturous times for the printer. Because I think I think what happened was. I was just extruding a little bit too much filament, and it bonded to the sides and I can’t. I can’t lift the gate anymore, and I’m not I am. Not going to force it because you end up with this and this is terrible. This was a test print that that I did of this initially just to see how it was going, but it didn’t. It didn’t fare. Well, it didn’t fare well so. I stopped the print I. I configured some things different in the settings and I printed in it. It turned out, okay. We’ll show you guys, that’s it, that’s. This is the printer torture test using the dice. Tower, there’s links to it down in the description. Don’t forget you can always shop at my Amazon affiliate links. If you want to help the channel out, it does help a great deal like this video. If you like games like this video, if you like, rolling the dice like this video, if you plan on printing one, so you can test your printer and roll the dice as we’ll share this video with someone who might enjoy it. Subscribe if you’re not already subscribed. I’ve got, I’ve got a ton more content coming your way and as always, it’s a five high five. Hey, it’s! Joel, the 3d printing nerd and this despair.

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