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3d Printing And Atlas Battlemech


Pew-pew one of our viewers. Dennis said, please make a helmet so in today’s video. I’m gonna make an Atlas battle, mech. I’m in Thingiverse now. I’m going to type in Atlas battle neck. OK, I’m gonna go to this. One looks pretty close of me. We have this joint, so I think you’ll be able to move the hands and the feet. So now I’m going to download all the files. There’s a lot of instructions and some have to duplicate. So I’m gonna do this off camera. I noticed that the orientation isn’t right. So I’m going to show you how to fix that. I’m flipping the models so that they stick to the bed. I’m going to open the models and 3d builder and fix them. Oh, now! I’m gonna go to the I go here. Fresh import model goes like this and now. I’m going to change it. How much agrees it is 280 then. I’m going to save this. There’s a lot more files. I have to fix, so I’m going to do it off camera. I’m done flipping the models of the stick to bed. So now I’m going to slice them. Can’t go in Akhira now, and we’re gonna select all the files. You press ctrl-a. Then I’m gonna press open, but not all of them fit on the bed, so I’m going to press edit. I’m gonna press that range all models, and now they all fit on the bed. They all need support, so go to the support was to put our dough on, so I’m gonna press prepare their view and then it’s slicing So now I have to wait, so it’s now done so now I have to save to F ones F. Drive no little Jack. I’m ready to take the SD card out and put it in the printer. I loaded this over. Fill it because the Mac is mostly silver. I’m gonna put that D card and now it’s gonna be really long print. It’s gonna be 24 hours, so see you tomorrow. [MUSIC] I’m not going to take the pieces off the bed [Music]. I carried all the pieces to my work table so now. I’m going to pull the supports off. Okay, we’re pulling this support off. When you using cutters, don’t forget to put seek to less is on. This is going to take a long time, so I’m gonna do the rest Off-camera. I’ll put all the pieces down so now we’re going to put them together. [MUSIC] It’s done now. I just have to put the weapons on. I think it turned out pretty well, and I think it is a really hard build, so I don’t recommend it for beginners. I like these kittens right here. The Tenons and how you can move things around. I think this is the close print. I’ve done so far. What do you guys think? Leave what you think in the comments. Dennis, I hope you’re happy with the knife. I don’t put the files on thing first. So you can make your own neck and don’t forget to. Like, and subscribe. If you’d like to speedy Oh, bye!

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