3d Print Ar15 Jig | 3d Printed 80% Jig


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3d Printed 80% Jig


Hey, guys, so thanks for checking out This sale, selling a router jig for an ar-15 pure is what comes in the kit right here. Everything 3d printed you that you see? You have a base jig That tells you how deep to go in the rear pocket and the trigger pocket, your two top plates, the sides and then some sacrificial pieces, which fit into the side here and therefore, you won’t damage the side of the jig When you go to draw them out. So let me show you how to assemble it. This is designed so that when you have your sides in and your top on, it’ll sit flat and flush so that you can drill through nice and easy. It doesn’t wiggle. It’s also designed so that it’s flat horizontally. So if you have a vise, you can clamp in your vise and also have some screw holes here. Honestly, you can pick any for the sake of this demo. I’m not going to be using a vise. I’m just going to screw it directly into my tabletop. All right, that’s solid, so how to put the jig on? It’s designed with a little nib right there, and the nib goes towards the magazine and obviously the flat side. You’re gonna want on the outside because this is designed to fit right like that, so that’s how you know you have a good fit and this one. Likewise, then once you have your sandwich over the top of the magazine holder and press it into the base great now it should slide in pretty easily and there’s still some play, which is why the top plate is tight so. I’ll show you that now to get this on. It might be a little bit tricky, So what I like to do is squish the front part. Get it over the front part and then sort of, like, walk it back, just like that, so I will show you milling from a different angle. Alright, welcome back. So here comes the drilling part or the routing part. You’re gonna want some silicone spray, Some sort of lubricant. Turn the rotor on and then drop it down steadily and you’ll see it’s going to chatter a little bit, but that’s why you have to, you know? Brace your router well. [MUSIC] [Applause] okie-doke. That is full threader plates. First, the rear pocket, then the trigger pocket. There we go so yeah, just keep going slow and you’ll get a nice clean. Finish which? I’m gonna do right now, you. Hey, guys me again, so I’m back. This is the finished product. The jig work great. I really don’t have any complaints and frankly, I could use it again. A couple things that I wanted to mention that well. I guess let me let me show you how it it works. You know, so yeah, installing. The hardware was a [ __ ] so get the tooling. And if you’re like me. You want to find the most affordable way to do this? I highly recommend that you, you know you invest in some clamps and some good drill bits. Holy [ __ ] and a good router bit, that’s important. I used that made-in-the-usa router bit from Kodiak cutting tools. You can see that come on. Yep, that’s the one. I used it worked. Great cut through so easy. I highly recommend it and then a couple things about the jig that I wanted to mention, and I’ll include a picture, but you can see all the filings right here, right, and when this is assembled, you know, after shaking around in the jig for a while, these slide in now pretty easy, and you can see that this one. You know, it’s pretty loose if you have a vise use of ice. I highly recommend that if you like me and you don’t have a vise and you want to do it as cheap as possible, it will work, but these filings will get in these little crevices, and that will stop it from being completely seated. And it’s another thing. You want to be sure to take care of when you are drilling out the holes with these? Center holes, 3/8 inch and 5/32 Be absolutely certain that this see this gap. That will [ __ ] up your hole placement. You want to squeeze these? You know, so that it’s centered and you want to be sure that your lower is absolutely seated on the bottom, You want the front to be pushed down as far as it can go in the back to be pushed down as far as it can go, That’s how it’s designing the CAD. That’s how you get the proper whole alignment. If this is up a little bit like it can be if you get some aluminum flakes in there. Well, then these are all gonna be raised by that gap. It’s no good, so make sure that it’s squished and seat it properly. You really shouldn’t have a hard time at all. These are the sacrificial pieces, and you can see that their sacrificial for a reason. They did their job. You know, and honestly. I think I could use them again, and I think I’ll sell these separately as well. If people need them for whatever I was thinking of also making some like, like a sixteenth of an inch hole as like a pilot hole so that you could drill your pilot hole, and if you [ __ ] up, you know, it’s not such a big deal. You switch to the big one. It’ll still guide it, but you know, there’s much less error with a sixteenth pilot hole than there would be with. You know, three eighths going in you.

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