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Iphone Xs Dock With Apple Watch Charger | Practical 3d Printing


So if you have an Apple watch and an iPhone and you’re sick of the cable sliding off your nightstand here and you don’t feel like going and buying a brand new stand for everything and things just fall off like that. Well, let’s fix that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] one thing I’m noticing it is. I believe this is going to be too far up and it could be because this model was designed for a case. Potentially, my case is not that thick. I just have a little Pelican Clear case. So what I’m gonna try to do is drill this out at the bottom and see if then I can recess the cable and a little bit more. Then I’m gonna secure it with some hot glue [Music]. I got this thing in. I drilled it a little bit more. I just kind of wiggled a bit around, Got it a little bit more reamed out So now when I put the charging cable in, I can get it to go down basically, too far at this point, which is fine because I want to secure it with some hot glue. So unfortunately, I’m using my phone right now to record this, so I will stop this and switch to a different camera. None as good, a quality one and show that process. Let’s stick a little blue in here and be quick. You go over, so the place to have my phone plugged in. So this way it gets the right depth and obviously don’t. Get glue on your phone. That’s where I grew in here to help. Hold this, all right. [music] line this around? Let the glue set up really good before you pull it out, all right. I’ll let it dry and I add a little bit of glue right at the base of this just to help. Keep the cable from coming out. The nice thing with hot glue is if you get it a little bit too much. You can just scrape it off. So here’s my phone. This is an iphone. X’s not the Macs, Even though this STL is designed for our max, but it’s just a little bit wider, so this still works just fine and there we go no perfect you.

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