3d Model Of Prokaryotic Cell | 3d Model Of Bacterial Cell


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3d Model Of Bacterial Cell


[MUSIC] So [Music] so [Music]! Hey, everyone, my name is iselle. Maurice, David. And today I’m gonna show you how I made my 3d model of bacterial cell. So if you’re interested, then please keep on watching, starting off with a carton. I’m just measuring my desired size for my bacterial cell. [MUSIC] I’m making four of it. Stick the three together and set aside the remaining one [Music] for the capsule. I’m just putting a red colored paper around. The corner capsule is composed of a thick poly center. It is a kind of slime layer, which covers the outside of the cell wall. It is used to stick cells together and works as food reserve, and it also protects the cell from dryness and from chemicals. [MUSIC] For the cell wall using the remaining carton, i’ll be putting yellow colored paper in it and cut it next measure one centimeter from the outside, going inwards and then cut again and set aside cell wall provides strength and rigidity to the cell for our plasma membrane. We will be needing a green colored paper. I’m just tracing the cotton to the green colored paper. Cut it and place the top of the carton. Plasma membrane is also known as a cell membrane. It plays a vital role in controlling the movement of substances in the cell. [MUSIC] I’m next, making a smaller version of plasma membranes, paper and place it in the center. Cytoplasm is the storehouse of all types of chemicals. [MUSIC] For our DNA using a yarn and the glue. I’m just placing it in the center, making it look like a DNA. DNA is a single circular chromosome that is like in the cytoplasm. [MUSIC] For the ribosomes. I’m just making circles using the blue and brown blade. Ribosome is the smallest part of cell organelle. It plays a wider role in protein synthesis for the plasmids. I’m just making circular motions using a yarn. Plasmids are the small circle of DNA plays a variety role in exchanging DNA between the bacterial cells. Now we will be using a wire from an old notebook. Straighten that spiral thing up, bend it cut and twist it together. [MUSIC] I will cover that wire with a green colored paper that is using the remaining wire. I’m just cutting it into tiny pieces for it to look like appealing or peeling. It fixes the bacteria to surfaces, These are smaller than those for jelly and are used in conjugation to exchange genetic information. [MUSIC] write the parts of the bacterial cell in a yellow colored paper. Now we will be needing a carton, Fold it like that and wrap it in a bun paper using a stick glue place the [Music]. I did some finishing touches. [MUSIC] So [Music] you!

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