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Turn A 2d Image Into A 3d Print


Hi, there! Jamie, Keith here today. A teacher’s tech. Who were you having a great day today today? We’re going to do a little more 3d printing. I’m using the Robo. See to hear that. Brayden, from Robo sent me to try it out here and I’m using a project turning a 2d image here. I’m going to do this Superman image here and turn it into a 3d image printing here in three different colors, so I’m going to be using a converter online to turn into an SVG and then putting in a Tinkerer Cat and tinkering in with it showing you a few things to work on those. This is something you could use as a lesson in for 3d printing in your classroom or just something at home Just playing with anyways. Let’s get started here today with this little turning 2d turning a 2d object to a 3d So I’m just going to use this site Convert EO to put my take my image that I have a Superman of the logo and then convert it to SVG. I’ll put the link down below. There’s more than this one, but this just happened to be one. I use and it worked well for it. I’m gonna click on from my computer and I have on my desktop. I should have a Superman folder here right here and so you can see. This is the logo that I’m going to use. So I’m going to open this up and I’m just gonna you can see. It’s going to be converted to s VG here, and I’m gonna click convert. Only should take a few seconds to do this here so when it’s done. I can hit download and what I’m gonna do is. I’m just gonna move this into a different folder here. I’m gonna just go copy and put it into my Superman folder. Here should be right there. Okay, so I’ll put it in the same folder, and now so what I’m gonna do is go over to Tinkercad now. Taking our cat is all free. I use it, especially on Chromebooks at the school and everything works well for that. So what I’m gonna do is I’m logged in with my free account. You can go make one if you’d like, and then what I’m gonna do is import that SVG file I just created, so I’m going to go hit import and I’m going to choose the file and this is the one right here. This is the SVG file now on it and I’m just going to leave it as it is and import it here. I could scale it down because it will come out a little bit large, but I can do this. After the fact, too, so when it imports, you can see how large it is. I’m just gonna click on it. Hold down my shift key and shrink it down in here, so I can put it. Just make a lot smaller to work with here so you can see now. How it’s kind of give given a three-dimensional feel to it here, so I’m gonna even go a little bit smaller on this one again. I’m holding shift to keep everything kind of the same here. Alright, so I can move around on this This The top view you can see, it has some depth to it. Now if I click on it, I can take this white one, and I can increase how thick I want to see. So maybe I’ll move to five here and this is something This is one just where I two up on the ground and I can move it back. I’ll leave it a little bit up because I’m gonna put something underneath it so I could send this. I could send it as an STL file and print it like this, but then I’d have pieces kind of by themself. They won’t stick on anything, and I want to add more color to this. So when you use change colors, I can print in layers, So what I’m gonna do with this is I’m going to put something underneath it, so I’m just gonna take a cube here and I’m just gonna drag it over, and I’m gonna make it larger. Just drag the corner and I’ll just I’m gonna make it a square. I think so well. I’ll just cover it like this, so I’m gonna change my view here so you can see. I don’t need it this thick, so I’m gonna maybe make this. I’ll make this about I’ll do it. Just leave it as five for now. And then one thing nice is sometimes when I print stuff, I’ll go back and change stuff After and see I’ll scale it down to different sides. Sizes to see out came came out. So now you can see kind of. I have this on top of the red, lets. Turn this to yellow here. Just so it looks more like the Superman logo, so I could print this. It would print you. Don’t want a square on a square one, and it would look pretty good like that so but I want to add a few more colors on it, so I’m going to do something different here. So what I want to do is cut the edges here, so I’m going to take this another box and I’m just gonna bring it to the side here, and I’m gonna rotate this a little bit here, so I’m just gonna rotate this much. How much should I rotate this? Let’s rotate it. I’m gonna get it close and I’m gonna bring it to the side here. I can adjust when I click on this again, you can see. I can. I’m gonna put in a certain number here. Let’s see if I put a 5 in hope. We got a little closer here. I’m trying to line it up right with that line to get as close as I can with it. So when I click on this arrow here, I can put it. Maybe if I go minus one here gets a little closer. So why am I trying to do this? So what I can do with Tinkercad now? I have the layer underneath. I’m gonna turn this into a whole and what I’m gonna do now is just take. I’m going to group these two with a hole and the bread here and I’m going to. So now if I have them both selected here I can group them. So when I group them, it will cut away. So what I’m gonna do now is Im. Just gonna jump forward. I’m going to do this and then come back to you when I’m gonna go round this Superman completely. So I have it all all done. And then I’m gonna add something underneath it here. So I’m down to my last cut here. I’m just gonna turn this into a hole. Grab my other one and group them, and it should be all kind of round, so I do want to add one more thing underneath it. What I want to do, and I’m gonna group this actually together. You’re going to notice that the color will change to one color, but that’s fine. I just want when I move this around. I want to be able to take both those things together, so I’m gonna put this cylinder on here and I am gonna make it skinnier. I could choose other shapes, but I’ll go with a circle here. Maybe I’ll go about 160 by 160 here. That should be fine for my example, and I’m gonna just rotate. Make this a lot thinner here. I’ll make this like five, also or four or five and well. Put this doop’s down here. Make sure I move it in the right place here. I want everything lined here and I want to bring this one up here, so I’m gonna bring this one. Oops, I don’t want to make it thicker. I just want to grab that arrow right here to bring it up, and I’m gonna put this one on the ground, so when it gets to zero here and a little bit more, I could type it in, but I’ll just drag. Alright, So then this one here. I just want to put this one on top to do. I grabbed one. Want to grab this here? Bring it down, you’ll see when it goes in. I just want it slightly in like this so now. I’m going to Center this around a little bit more. Just I it here, and that looks kind of good for what I want to do. So you can see Nothing’s floating in there. I’m gonna have this. I could maybe make those a little bit thinner. Maybe I should have taken off the edge here like I said before to make everything red, but I’ll use this. So what I’m going to do now is just export this as an STL file, and I’m going to just put it over, because so you can see it’s right there and then. I’m going to load it up here. I’m just gonna open up my Robo cura slicer and open it up and put it in there, So I’m just gonna open up the file that I just saved here the STL, and I’m gonna open up. You can see this is my print bed size. So it’s a little too large, So I’m just gonna scale this down. I’m just gonna click on it. I’m gonna type 60 should do the trick here. Yeah, that should be good. So now at this point, what I want to do is just go through, and I’m gonna leave actually going to leave everything the same here. I could go to custom on this and set some, but Ill I’ll try it on this one a lot of times. I like to kind of change it if I was printing things again, but I’m gonna lead. See what how everything works on this one, so I’m gonna go ahead and hit. I’m just gonna save this and what I’m gonna do. Actually, with this here is put it on into the file here and then actually better put it in the exact file that I want your so Superman shirt and there we go in Ibbity turn into G code, But what I’m gonna do now is actually put it into my Google. Drive because I actually don’t. Have this computer set to print from here? So I’m just gonna use my phone here. And if you’re wondering, you could use my eye, take a look at the other video that I have about printing A little faint. I kind of show you the whole process of printing on the phone to the rowboat. See to here, so I’m gonna go new and I’m just gonna go file, upload and here It is here the g-code, and now once this load’s up. I’m going to take out my phone and hit print and it’s going to be sent to the printer. What I’ll do in a time-lapse for you right now. [MUSIC] Well, I have the final project product here in my hand and it turned out pretty good for just the first time through here. There’s a few changes. I’d probably make on it. Maybe with the edges going around the edge. Maybe I take off that yellow line and just looking on how it printed. Maybe I’d go a little thicker where it’s yellow, just so that everything gets filled in, but it turned out pretty good for a first print here on it. Maybe submit on the adhesion on the bed, too. It just didn’t quite stick stick. Well, but I got away with it, and it didn’t move around or anything like this, but like I said, this is a fun project that kids like to do. They can take home this stuff after, and it can get them interested in 3d printing here and one of the things. I, like is just the constant change and practicing with 3d printing. I like making the mistakes in it and trying to fix them and just tinkering with everything all the time. So if if you liked what you saw today? Make sure you try this in your classroom if you are doing some 3d printing. If you’re interested in the. Robo see -. I’ll put an affiliate link of mine down below in the description here, but thanks for watching this week. I have more 3d printing to come. Check out my other video on the list. Levain printing here. If you want to know how to turn a 3d photo in something you can print on it, so that’s all for this week and I’ll see you next time.

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