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Steven Universe - 3d Printing Steven And Together Breakfast!


There we go. What’s the matter, Steven. I want us all to have breakfast together. So I made together breakfast, but everyone keeps leaving. Oh, that’s nice. Oh, No, not you too. I Can’t live this become together brunch. Hello, friends. So the day has come. Steven universe comments have reached a maximum Saturation point and the only solution is to make a Steven Universe video now. Please pay very close attention because each step is critical in making a 3d printed Steven universe together. Breakfast, Step 1 Make a beach house that serves as a multi-dimensional doorway to an infinite crystal temple. Everyone’s out. So making us breakfast. You are out of control. Pearl, garnet Amethyst. Anyone home, Check it out. It’s not exactly healthy, but it’s in a stack. So I guess you could say it’s a balanced breakfast. Yep, perfect landing. I don’t think I can eat this. Let’s order pizza. Yeah, definitely, Hey, guys, so here are the actual final prints of the models I made. I’m gonna level with you modeling an entire beach house and then microwaving 3d popcorn. Probably wasn’t a hundred percent necessary. But, hey, it’s all worth it in the end, Right. The colors in detail really came out nicely. The tiny bits of popcorn. Which I thought would be too small, printed out perfectly, and I was also expecting Stephen’s thumbs to break off in the printing process. Like some kind of mafia style execution, but they managed to stay on as always. These models are free to download on my website. For those that have a 3d printer at home. If you don’t have one, the prints themselves are available as well on my website. If you’d like to learn how I made these models feel free to check out my patreon where I put up my original files for Customizing and full tutorials with commentary on the tips and tricks that I used all the links are in the description below. I also wanted to mention a little side project. I’ve been working on with some friends. It’s still in the early stages, but we’re creating fully accurate, high quality prints of famous international cities. Here’s one of our first prototypes. My hometown of Toronto. New York and London are already in the works. So stay tuned and Finally. I just wanted to thank all you guys for your support. I finally hit a hundred thousand subscribers and I’ll be doing a very special video for all my viewers. So keep an eye out and as always thanks for watching and leave me a comment on what I should make next.