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My Quest To 3d Print A Beeg Yoshi


Try to do this. [ __ ] It won’t say. What’s the point of being rich when you wake up? Allah appointed ain’t. Nobody there [ __ ] that I can’t fall home in the air, and I peddle to the city with the bothering step, but that’s all felt last year. So I mean, thinking of this idea for a while now and for a while, I mean. Since yesterday morning, it all stemmed from some of my friends were talking about New Michael Reave’s video where he chased people. So it wasn’t the shortest person in a picture and I remembered that he 3d prints, a lot of his like Plastic. [ __ ] and I’m like, hey, hold on a second. Our school has a 3d printer naturally. The only righteous and moral thing to do here is the 3d per ton big. Yoshi, this is [ __ ] stupid mistake. Waste of resources. I went out last night so all. My stuff is in my my backpack, which is essentially just going to travel by now. I won’t actually need these. No, all right, lets. Find us some big. Yoshi models hell! Yeah, whoa, all right up to the computer now. We’ve also changed our resolution resolution mask maker issue before by 3x I can’t be [! __ ] switching at sixteen by nine, so deal with that. I’m gonna look for B go she. This is gonna be so [ __ ] dumb [ __ ] god. No, you’re breathtaking! I meant to be a Catering’s joke. Bro cringe. Okay, we’re back. I’m very sick now. This is in the same day. This was like an hour later. Not really a couple minutes later. [MUSIC] [Music] god! This is trash, all right. Well, that’s that’s that done. I guess I guess. I’ll print that off on Monday, Then. All right, so it’s Monday morning, which is game day because this is when I have school. I’m just getting ready for school. And if you look over here, I put the big. Yoshi, file onto this little [ __ ] USB. Because the computer I work on at school is different someone. I have at home. Isn’t that [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] If that doesn’t work? And if the 3d printer has an SD card, I’ve got an SD card in here somewhere. Some reason this [ __ ] computers and take SD cards. So I got a card reader just in case I don’t have time to make breakfast, so I have to [ __ ] buy it from the local pop. Uh, my life is a living hell. I don’t have time to make breakfast, so we’re just gonna walk. I’m just gonna get something at the milk ball, cuz. I have no [ __ ]. I’m really tired [Music]. Yeah, money -, yep. Just you have a good day. See ya! This is my [ __ ] breakfast. Alright, this! I pretty much one of these every Monday to Friday and, uh, and this. I thought this was a sandwich until I just realized now that it’s just slices of cheese [Music]. I’ve got to install a [ __ ] blender again. Oh, yeah, let’s go install. Did she want to make a video out of it? Because I’m actually [ __ ] that’s a bit of a bit of an issue. Can’t find the the Prieta, Okay, it’s Wednesday now because it took me three days to learn how to 3d print, and I still don’t actually know how to 3d print. I’m getting one of my friends to help me do it. Because I’m useless. I went out and I bought some paints, though, so I could actually paint the thing off to printing up, so that’s nice, so lets. Get this bird game off, okay. This is like a car. This is like a couple weeks off. Tove and I originally wanted to print the B. Kiyoshi, but he’s here now he’s here! This is the very base big. Yoshi thing he’s got a lot of a lot of bumps and weird [ __ ] along his ass. And he’s got some sort of like misprinted pots here in the so I’m going to be using a nail fight. I’m gonna be using a nail filer to smooth this thick boy out what let’s go. [MUSIC] All right, so now this is the BVO shoe. I smooth it out a bit along the bottom. It looks like utter [ __ ] but that won’t show up when we paint over it. So, yeah, that’s all smooth now. The little area between his bottom spike and his back has been removed because it’s up kick. So is the one between his nose mouth chest thing. It’s just, he’s just that he wants a [ __ ] Okay, so quick update. I’ve started to paint the BG Oshi. I have silver paint instead of white paint Because I’m an actual tape. I’ve got my hair dry here. This is not my hairdryer. Please send help and we’re gonna be [. __ ] painting painting on a school night. Welcome to Watchmojocom. And today we’ll be today, We’ll be counting. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music]. This is the Marsh [ __ ] [ __ ] aspect ratio for a video ad on Spotify. The text, the text goes underneath the player. [MUSIC] [Music] [Applause] like I saw painted like, hop the green bunch of the beak. So I’m just gonna drive him for mall. I just [ __. ] dipped my finger in the green paint. God, [ __ ] damnit, Should I eat it? It says it’s a non-toxic conform. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]. Its [ __ ] 8:59 pm. I’ve got work for school instead of doing a [ __ ] painting video shoot [Music]. I think we’re done. I think we’re actually just dumb. Ah, [ __ ] [ __ ] oh! I just hit my knee on the desk. Oh, oh, [ __ ] oh! I deserve that. I was there a lot for wasting that time. See ya, um. I finished painting the video. She this is what he looks like. He’s perfect, he’s he’s got a lot of imperfections with the painting because I suck at painting, but you know overall Im. Just happy to have this guy here. I accidentally painted on my stereo with yellow paint. I just dip my finger in. Nope, it’s there forever. My speaker will forever have yellow honor. There’s need a special place to sit, he’s gonna be. Wonder mice, people look at in this room when they’re in here, the TV. Obviously, what are they gonna see when they look at the team need? Oh, James, you have some really cool. Figures in Booth set up limited edition. Big Yoshi. Oh, so yeah, if you’re completely bored shitless one day and want to do something like this. I’m gonna leave the model I made. I’m gonna make it available for download in the description, Just because like, I know how hard it is to find a beak, Yoshi model. And if you know it entirely confident in your modeling skills, you can use my Chitti model that I made in, like, 30 minutes, which is completely fine because I suck at modeling as well. I suck donkey dick ID! I have like no experience in modeling whatsoever, but, uh, yeah, has been a several week process, cuz. I’m a [ __ ] and I spent way too much time building up the courage to ask the library staff. How to 3d print. It’s 9:20 I have [ __ ] homework you don’t. This is so in case anyone’s wondering. This is my wok station. This like Pac-man collector’s cup. I think which like the hologram holographic holographic doesn’t really like. Oh, God, that is a new abomination. The ass is where I clean my brush, Very Maki. This was originally like this like just kept getting more and more strong to pull it off. I just going near one all these paints. I got from like a $2.00 store, and I’m actually really [ __ ]. Oh yeah. I don’t have a palette so I just used this combo box. I was Park rust for my dad, but I think he wanted me to use the inside of the box, but I use the outside because I like having a raised surface as you see, I don’t actually have orange, cuz. I did buy orange paint, but I left it in my school bag and it started leaking. And now my the entirety of my the entire inside of my school Bag is orange now. So yeah, that’s nice. Umm, yeah, he’s like the primary colors of. Yosh, – the silver. Actually be white, but I couldn’t find any white, so I just go silver instead. Some dumbass. Yeah, and this really is that’s that’s all you need to create enough away. Cool, that’s all. I’m gonna go and sleep homework. I can’t [ __ ] sleep. I’m not allowed to sleep, he’s here. He has, uh, he’s, he’s almost here [ __ ] and ball torture from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia and en Wikipedia [ __ ] and Ball Torture CBT [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause].