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Let's Print! Fallout 4 - Deathclaw - Part 1 Of 2


Hello, my friends and welcome back to makers me exist. It’s official, you can now rip files from Fallout 4 for 3d printing and in this video, actually, the series of videos. I’m going to show you how to do it and how you can finish your model for 3d printing. Let’s do it alright, so lets. Get the show on the road So first we’re going to need the Bethesda archive extractor for the BA 2 files that are in Fallout 4 so for that 4 has changed the format over their archives from BSA to be a 2 so that the extractor needs to be updated, But you can get it from here on Nexus Mods. Next, we need NIF scope again. Misco needed to be updated to cope with the new NIF files in Fallout 4 and an if scoped team like they’ve done a freaking amazing job. So within a week or two of the game coming out that updated NIF scope to be able to open the new news. So that we’ve got a pre alpha 4 here. This will probably so at the moment. This links goes to Pi/4 4 but it does what we need. We need to open the NIFs and save them as an obj. That’s all we want. That’s all we need and it does it beautifully so grab. The new nib scope pre-offer for from this link. Then we’re going to need the net fab cloud service again. I’m not sure what’s going on with the Microsoft owning net Ferb cloud. But whatever the link still works perfectly. You upload the mesh that you extract and you download a fixed file. Pretty simple works Good and then meshmixer. If you know anything about my videos, you know that? I absolutely love meshmixer so here it is right, so we’ve got our software. And now we need to open up the Bethesda archive extract or run, go to file open file, so navigate to your steamapps common fallout, 4 data folder, and these are all the BA 2 archives. Are we want? Misha’s yeah. It’s also meshes extra, which is interesting and they’re both pretty huge files. So keep this in mind. You need a lot of disk space when you’re messing around with games like this, there’s a lot of data in there, so select it, and then you want to extract them to a folder so again, make a new folder extract files it’ll do, and it’ll start extracting and just let it do it’s thing, but I’ve already done this, so I’m just going to cancel it. It will usually take about five minutes ten minutes. Depending on how fast your computer? How fast your hard drivers cool. So with that done we need. NIF scope, so as I said this is pre offer for a few features are disabled. All we need to do, though, is open the file and save it as an OBJ, which it can do perfectly so file open and under Fallout 4 extracted files. We have our meshes and these are all the meshes apart from that other measures folder in. Fallout 4 So falafel is a really ambitious game. There’s tons of components in it, and it reflects that in this folder, there’s so much stuff so for the weapons, For example, you’ll know if you play the game that you’re a 10 millimeter pistol isn’t just a 10 millimeter pistol file. It’s like the file, plus scopes plus muzzles plus different magazine styles, different handle styles. You can change all of those in the game. Therefore, there’s different meshes for each of those components and the game, just sort of stitches them together, so there’s therefore no reason you can’t have your favorite game weapon reproduced in real life by just choosing the parts and stitching them together yourself in something like mesh mixer also. It is really worth mentioning that digging into game files can reveal spoilers at will reveal spoilers to be honest. I remember when I was playing around with the Neverwinter Night’s creation kit, and it was like Arab Earth evil and I’m like, but Arabic is so nice. Yeah, it’s really important to note that you may come across some sort of spoilers digging around files of a game, which is fair enough, but anyway, that aside. I’m going to go to junk jet and have a look at yes and look at the junk jet again, seeing all different types of grips and whatever’s, so that’s like the main body of it, and there’s all tons of so many different files. You can. That’s the loading screen for the junk jets. That’s the whole thing complete for the loading screen, And when I came across these load files. I got quite interested to think. OK, yeah, Fallout 4 does have those load files which you can interact with so and behold. If you scroll into that load screen art, these are all those files and outs with these files that I found perfect candidates for 3d printing because they’re already posed. They look good and you have to do much work to them. You just have to make them fixed for printing, so for example, in fire first century. But that’s so cool again, no textures, so you can load textures in if scope, But I don’t need them for printing, lets. Have a look at, you know the armor. You know, there’s so much cool stuff, but what? I’d really like to print is a deathclaw you encountered ethical are very early on in fallout 4 and I want to print one off, so we find deathclaw a there. We go so creature, Dethklok, and that’s an ambulance going past so here we got the two different types of death Claw poses, so got this one here and the other one’s running. I think this one’s my favorite, though. So what we’re gonna do is file Export Obj. Yes, okay, and then call it whatever death claw or whatever and you can see. I’ve already hit exported quite a few files of interest, so lets. Just save that. Yes, it’s good so now we’re done with this scope, so that’s close knit scope down, and we want to just far out Meshmixer quickly to have a quick look at the files because they’re gonna need repairing, but I just have a quick look at them, So here’s the files straight out of the game how to fall out and fall out and any other game mesh for that matter will not, they will not be printable. They will not be 3d printable straight out of the game. You have to repair them just as an example. If I go to analysis and inspector, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna take a while to show you all errors, and yeah, check it out. They’re all errors and holds and problems, so don’t try to print the meshes straight out of the game. You have to fix them first so to fix them easily and for free, you want to go to the Netfabb cloud service? Which is this one upload the file and let it do. It’s thing uploading and downloading the finished file. Alright, so Netfabb cloud’s done its magic and we can download the file, so just download it again, and it says Deathclaw fixed because fixed it, so that’s fire up the fixed one, and I’m just going to add it to the same scene as the unfixed. One there you go, so that’s. The difference it’s made. If we go to inspector, yeah, no errors at all, they may may occasionally be one or two small errors, but nothing bad, and I found that the Netfabb cloud service is like a 90% Sure bet in making sure the file is fixed. Ready for printing. I rarely encounter issues using that from fallout meshes, they usually stitch together pretty good. However, there’s a few other considerations. We need to take them into account before printing. One of those is scale, so if we go to analysis unit’s dimensions, we can see how big the actual model is so at the moment is about two hundred and twenty nine high, which is pretty decent by three hundred deep. So you know, yeah, big. I have enough mini. I’m gonna be printing this on. I do have a one hell, but I want to put this in ABS, so my up Mini can only print to 120 Hi, so let’s scale him down to 120 Hi, and then see how it prints on the up mini, and here’s how he went, so he’s pretty cute. I’m amazed actually how well a lot of the details did print, but I did break a couple of the claws and one of the horns because it’s just so small, so it’s a good start, but I want more. I want to print him at the original size. I want to print them at the original 230 mil high, which is pretty substantial and to do that. We’re going to have to slice the file up. So here’s the value-add for this video. So so far what? I’ve been doing is pretty much The same as ripping files from Skyrim or fallout 3 It’s pretty much the same, but with updated tools, but in this bit of the video. I’ll be showing you how to selectively slice the parts down to print pretty much anything you want any size on smaller printers. So let’s get into that, okay, so you can slice up models to 3d print them in different bits using the plane cut tool in meshmixer, so if I could select the model and edit and plane cut and select slice, I can slice up my model really good. However, you’ll quickly notice if I’m slicing. For example, you know, he’s leg off. It’s also going to cut the arm. It’s also going to cut the tail. You know, if I’m slicing the torso, It’s also going to cut the arms in half. That’s not what we want, so for some models. The simple plane cut tool works. Fine, but for this guy, we want to slice him in a way that we just have like a torso. Then we glue the head, the arms legs on to that torso and then have the finished model and we can do that using the. Select tool to isolate areas we want to cut selectively, so they make any sense if not follow along so under the Select tool we’re gonna click a bounding box around his arm, for example, like that, so we’ve got some triangles highlighted there and now we go to edit plane cut and we can cut through the arm, but it’s not going to cut through anything else because it’s only affecting the triangles we selected. So if I drag that around, also, they up and down arrows. Let you change increments moving the plane we can slice. Alps, you can slice through the arm. Be sure to select slice, not cut because we want both sides. Okay, make sure it’s showing it as a solid fill. If it’s not showing a solid fill, you might have snot selected. All the triangles and accept doesn’t look like much happened. We’ll go back to edit and separate shells and what we’ve got. There is the arm nicely. Nicely cut also. I might’ve accidentally selected. Looks like a little bit of a dag from the end of his arm. So, you know, you might want to go back and make sure those triangles weren’t selected, but you get the idea you can easily select different components and cut them, so you leave the rest of the parts of the object untouched, So here’s one. I prepared earlier, so in this deathcore model, I’ve already gone through and selected all the different components and sliced them using the Selective slicing tool by isolating the triangles that I wanted to cut, so you can see maintain the torso off and all these parts are separated for 3d printing, which is really neat and all we need to do now is select the ones we want so. I’ll just turn them all off, so you can see them easier, so let’s select, for example, the arm, and then you want to save that export as you know Deathclaw rights, which I’ve already got there and then save it as the STL and just go through each one, saving them off and we can start printing them simple as that, Alrighty. So that concludes part 1 in the second part. I’ll show you how to assemble and put together your massive to hit the claw into a really awesome, Massively freely printed figurine and also I’ll show you how to use this stuff. So this is XTC 3d and it’s a two-part thick epoxy light coating that can smooth out the lines of your 3d print, So I’m gonna show you how it works. Do a bit of a review on it If you like. Yeah, you look forward to that. Oh, and also, yes. I’m still chugging away at the fallout 3 build. So this is the Otto axe. That’s the blade. And this is the the weapon itself to be honest, it takes so long. I just haven’t had much time at all to do the whole process of spray bug sanding and all of that, so I’ve gotten this far. Now it’s going to come down to the final patreon touches, so I’m definitely gonna be doing releasing video on this, but it may still be a little while so haven’t given up on it yet, but maybe a little more longer. So thanks from thanks for waiting up for that one guys. If you have been so thanks watching guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you’re enjoying fallout 4 I know I sat there. There got my pip-boy here. Got my foot boy box and yeah, it’s a great game if you enjoyed this video. I want to see more 3d printing content. Please feel free to subscribe. It helps me out a lot and also give me a like if you enjoyed this video and want to see more gaming hack 3d printed with other videos. See you around guy’s bye.