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Eye Of Agamotto - Resin 3d Print


Hey, everybody, it’s Kev. I’m reaching way out there. Everybody is coming from 3d printed props and welcome to a new video. Today’s video we’re gonna be looking at how. I built this awesome eye of agamotto from Doctor. Strange, I have been wanting to put this thing together for a long time. Super excited about this, lets. Take a look, okay, so here. The raw prints right off of the elgu. Mars, the printer. I am loving right now and you do have to clean them up a bit. I’m just gonna snip off some of the little supports that are there and you can see how there’s little bumps on the sides, so it’s nothing like the cleanup involved in a standard filament print. But you still need to go at it with a little bit of sandpaper. That’s a 150 and then again, flattening that bottom out since that applies and then. I’m gonna do a little bit of wet sand. So for this print. Since it was pretty smooth, I did a 150 a 250 and then a 600 wet skin. What’s can know what’s and and what that does is? It takes care of any sand lines that are present that you might have with those rough regrets and papers and again. I just sort of put some water on my cutting board there and use that 600 and it just gets glass smooth and it’s pretty awesome and there it is primed up. I do use the Tamiya fine. Primer the links below for that. I love this stuff it. Just it doesn’t get clogged II. It doesn’t get rid of detail And then I hit it with some gold. Now this is way too golden. This is just cheap gold spray paint. I got at Lowe’s. And now it’s time for the fun part to weather. This guy up and this is just cheap basics paint acrylic paint with some water in it, so it’s not straight paint, and then I can sort of just wipe it off, and it stays in the cracks and crevices, and I went ahead and did that on everything around the sides, and now I’m gonna do it to the stuff in the center, so this is always a fun part. It’s you, you make this thing. Make it look really great and shiny and everything. And then you, you put black paint all over to brown paint all over, but this is what really makes the thing come alive. Makes it look off that it makes it look like it’s been used, so you want to have all the sort of gunk the dirt in the cracks and wipe it off the top if you’ve gone too far, and you’ve wipes too much off, Go ahead and hit it with some more paint. If you haven’t put enough paint, just go ahead and add more now. I wanted to sort of pick up some shine in places, so I used a gold rub and buff, and I’m just sort of gently gently sort of wiping it across certain areas high areas because those would be the shiniest. And you can see how it sort of just kicks that shine up a little bit and gets rid of some of that black paint. You know that the dullness at the black paint put in just so like if someone was handling this, their hands would wear through the grime, and you would have that nice shine and now we’re gonna go ahead and put the the covers on eyelids. Maybe let’s call this since it’s the eye of agamotto. So I just popped those in. Be careful if you print this with SLA. I did break a set and this is a little piece that opens and closes it. I did not use it for this, but we’ll see what I did. Use later in the video, so I went ahead to work on the gem, and this is one of those vacuum chambers that sucks all the bubbles out of your resin And I was super happy with it. I wanted a nice clear crystal, and this really did the trick you could see. There are some bubbles in there, but man, when it cured, it looked, you’ll see in a second. It looked pretty darn good now. I’m pouring from on high, and there we go. I have now sort of glued it in the back. And that’s how this guy’s looking and to keep everything together. I used a clamp and now it’s time to work on the necklace part, and I bought a bunch of things and I ended up really just using this gold twine and not any of those sort of clips and things and for the for the metal, I’m literally just winding and winding it around and I’m not using any glue now for the cord stuff. You didn’t need glue because this stuff isn’t sort of a cable, which is biting into it, so I hit it with a little bit of glue. Then I hit it with the accelerator and a stop it, and now I’m just winding it around and yes. This was very boring and then I add some more glue to the strip here to the necklace, so it would hold it on and I glued myself to this necklace. 57 times. It was painful and there we go so again. All that’s all that twine and then. I just kept winding, winding winding. Now I had a little glue to the holes there and sort of wiggle it around, so it all gets glued up and boom, and then we put it in the next one and it is in now. Here’s the base. I went ahead and I printed up the broken through space, and I wired it. A simple, tiny green LED and decided it needed a bottom. So I cut a little piece of foam out here. Glued it to the bottom, added just a little coin slot that the on/off switch could sort of easily slide in and out of and that was it. So here is the back that I designed again. I’m not gonna use that standard back, so I’m just gonna have an open all the time, so I designed this in fusion 360 and the lighting system is different than I planned to. It’s just a little cell battery with two pieces of metal cut out and it’s all wired up simple switch, and the LED isn’t really just hot, glued to the bottom of that switch. You put the battery off to the side and bang. You just pop that on? You can turn it on there and there. It is and super super happy with this. I love Doctor. Strange, I’ve collected his comics for a long time and I was just so pleased to be able to put this thing together. This is one of those projects where you have problems that back switch didn’t work. I decided I’m gonna make my own and win a go different way with it and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Alright there. It is the eye of agamotto, that’s how. I put that sucker together, of course, Printe and the elgu Mars. I love that thing affiliate links below. If you’re interested in picking one up the pros out, I’m looking at picking one of those up and see how it compares to the original like you can’t. Go wrong with this thing. I love this printer. The files for this are also below from the original to a bunch of mixes that I used, including my mix, which is the new back and, of course, the link to the base. There’s also a link to the video that I saw about how how some the first person I’m blanking on his name. I apologize, but it is in the link below how the first person made this switch. I monitor a lot, but it a link to switch it. Now if you put it together if you want to go that route with it last things last. I’ve also got a Etsy shop that I put together where I am selling files that I’ve been modeling and I’ve been having other people that I know model. And that is over on Etsy. Comm / 3d printed parts stuff. The 3d printed parts was taken. The link is below for that, And I’m also gonna start selling some of my prints on there pretty soon, so take a look at that probably won’t be this, but I do have some prints that I am gonna be getting rid of for space reasons and you’ll be able to find those over there, so take a look over an Etsy. Do a search for 3d printed props, stuff or just course, click on the link below and again. If you like this video, go ahead and click like subscribe. Hit that little bell. And this way, you’ll get a message when new videos are coming out. And as you can see, new videos have been coming out. Today is a damn actually just editing and editing videos. And I’m probably gonna put in schedule. Probably five videos today. So really, really excited about that well, guys. I want to thank you for watching. I really had a great time putting this together. Hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll see you the next one.

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