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Massimo Lonardi

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3d Printed Sunglasses Diy 2.0 | Eyewear Design 😎


Hi, everyone! This is Massimo. And today we will talk about Sportive eyewear Frames. Time ago, I boughtthese Chinese, sporty frames online, and they came with 4 interchangable lenses. Fast foward one year! The frame is broken, but I still have these 4 interchangable lenses sitting in a box. So in the end, I tought to reuse them in one of my projects, so I solowly started thinking about it. Gatehered some ideas while I was sketching something else. I got the idea and I got the design for this sporty frame. After a really fast 3D modeling to understand dimensions and proportions of this frame. I got enough informations to start the final 3d modeling That took me around 2 hours. And from there, I started thinking about the 3d printing part. The 3d printing phase was not really straightfoward because I had some difficult 3d shapes that sometimes where failing the 3d printing or printing not as I intended. But I got to the point where all the parts where 3d printed. After a quick dimension and quality check, I moved to the metallic filler to close holes, correct imperfections, and to get the final frame ready. The process of metallic filler/sanding took me about 2/3 days. Because I repeated these steps 4 or 5 times till I got the result I wanted. Then I started with primer and really fine sandpaper. Also, this process was repeated 3/4 times in order to close all the holes of the 3d printing and filling the gaps between layers in the 3d print. After primer and sanding phase. I was ready to move to the colour phase, but first I needed to cut the lenses and try the fitting of the lens in the frame. I did this by 3d printing, a dummy lens, tracing on top of the normal lens and cutted the lens with a sawquick check of fitting of the lensso. I moved on the painting phase. At this point, I already had a rough idea of the colours. I wanted to use in this project, so I just went to the local store, bought them and I was ready to paint. I masked the different parts. I paint first, the blue part and then the black part. And finally, this is the final result. This project took me a looooong time, But I learned a lot from it and I’m really satisfied with the final result. That’s it for this design project. I hope to see you guys in the next video. And if you liked this video, please subscribe. If you don’t like these videos, please give a thumb down, But write in the comments. How I should improve this content. See you in the next designvideo.

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