Ender 3 Vs Ender 3 Pro | Ender 3 Pro Vs Ender 3 – Detail Comparison

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Ender 3 Pro Vs Ender 3 - Detail Comparison


What’s up guys next to here today? We’re going to take a look at the difference between reality and the tree and Creole at the end. The tree Pro this one cost 189 and this one cost 249 at this moment. What’s the change? Is it worth extra money? Let’s find out back In July. I made a detail review for ended. Free, which is still the best with the printer under two hundred. US dollars that you can buy today. But recently creative released this end of three pro version, which at first was cost one hundred US dollars more than a basic model, and now it cost only sixty US dollar more than a basic version. Both printer has the same build volume. They have the same overlook and have the same specs. So what’s the change first on the pro version you get this magnetic flexible bill tech type printing surface, which works great and it’s super easy to remove prints from it on this magnetic plate. You can print. Pla flex, wood, PG or any other filaments that doesn’t use the hilbert temperature over eighty degrees. Anything over eighty degrees Celsius will destroy the plate magnetism because of the curing effect. And that’s why you cannot print abs or other filaments that use higher than eighty degrees temperature on the heated bed on this surface on the standard entry. This bill tech printing surface is glued to the heated bed. So you can heat up over 100 degrees Celsius. Without the problem, it’s not convenient like this magnetic plate on the pro version, but it does the job. And if you like to print on the glass, you can easily attach the glass plate over it like I did next on the end. The trip row. They change the frame for the I axis. And now this aluminum Extrusion is 40 by 40 millimeter, just like on the seer, 10 mini Serie 10 and the Seer 10 s and on the standard end at rate, it’s 40 by 20 millimeter, so on the pro version heat bed, wheels has a more wider surface to balance. So you get more stable, heated bed. Next difference is the power supply on the pro version. There is a mean world power supply, which is thinner, quieter and better quality power supply, then on the standard and the tree. Both power supplies are the same specs only on the pro version. It’s a known quality plant. Next change is the control box cover and the position of the motherboard on the pro version. There is no fan on the top of the control box. Instead, they move it on the bottom underneath the frame, and now there is no worry that the filament or any print pieces can clog the fan on the standard version. I had to print this cover. In order to protect the cooling fan, also on the pro version. The Motherboard is flipped and the micro SD card slot It’s easier to reach now because it’s much higher from the desk compared to the standard version. Madhupur don’t both printers is the same only on the pro version. They use the hot glue to secure the connection. Another change. They made in a pro version is the Z. Stop switch bracket. And now there is a limiter. So you cannot miss the correct. Z stop position when you install it. There is also one small cosmetic change on the back of the frame on the pro version. There is a bigger end cap for each extrusion and on the standard version, there are four small caps on each extrusion. Another change is upgraded firmware on the pro version. You get the motion many enabled, which is pretty useful because now you can change things like. Z Offset acceleration, jerk velocity travel and the even steps for each Stepper motor. So you can tune your printer much easier than the stock version, which doesn’t have this many in Ableton a firmer and now let’s talk about the print quality. Since both printers shared the same motherboard, same Stepper Drivers, Stepper Motors frame, X Charat cooling fans and other components print quality is identical. I print on each printer test prints of the same four models that you can see right here on the table and after close inspection. I gotta say that I didn’t notice any difference in a print quality in any of these models. You so whatever version you pick standard all the pro one don’t worry, you will have the same print quality. In terms of upgrades that are recommend for the pro version, there are few which standard and the 3 shares as well first and most important one are the tills motors for the X and I axis, which will help you to achieve much smoother print surface without these Salman skin lines that are visible on some prints second upgrade that I recommend Is this filament guide which prevent filament to rub against the Xetra The rod on which can be grease or oil next upgrade there. I recommend is the heat bed insulation material, which will save you some electricity and as we’ll improve the heat bed, warm it up time next update is the LCD back cover that will prevent any freezing or shorting. If you accidentally touch it next operate that I recommend. Is this small part right here? This is a pressure of feeding fix. It’s a very small, but pretty good upgrade. This will prevent the Teflon tube from popping out, and the last upgrade is this lag dampers that significantly lower the printing vibration now in terms of complaints about the enter 3 Pro there is only one, and that’s the new stepper pulleys for X and I axis, which on ended 3 Pro are not removable and non adjustable anymore. So for example, if you want to add the Stepper dampers which significantly lower the noise and vibration, you cannot do it because the belt will not align correctly on my standard and the 3 I installed the Stepper depressed without a problem so that could be the issue for those who want to add the Stepper dampers. But for those who don’t these pulleys works perfectly fine other than that. I have no other complaints about Enter 3 Pro so to summarize and it repro is an excellent printer for its price, and if you like some of these extra features, go get one but and the 3 standard version for 189 it’s very hard to beat. My personal recommendation is go with a standard version and for that extra 60 or more. US dollars you could add, for example, a glass plate or this magnetic plate. You could add the Teal Smoother’s, Stepper dampers, heat bed installation and some spare nozzles with a different size, all of that for the price as for the end of three provision for me. Personally, that’s more logical choice. Alright, guys! I hope that you liked the video. All the links you can find are in the video description. And before I go, I just want to ask you guys. What’s your favor? And the three upgrades leave the comments below. Thanks for watching. And I see you next time. Bye bye!