Bl Touch Automatic Leveling Module | How To Install Creality Bl Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Tutorial (ender-3 Pro Upgrade Setup)


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How To Install Creality Bl Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Tutorial (ender-3 Pro Upgrade Setup)


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, welcome to our quality! Channel today we will do a beer touch installation tutorial on our end of three pole for the people who are new. All they need a refresh, lets. Open the boss and see what inside we have the menu. Be our touch drank. Pinboard is peeping bored burner, – connector tie and their scores. Now we install the pea touch first. Install the be attached on the ring with these two screw by this side. [MUSIC] insert this white connector into the attached. [MUSIC] Second we window prank cover Port Jabya touch frame on the corresponding precision damn put two friends on the top time, their schools next. Loosen the schools and take your motherboard. Cover off, connect your. RSVP board to the motherboard and connect to the computer. Make sure that you insert the correct side. Then the light will be on, be damned refresh The firmware first download the PR touch firmware on the our offices on the website clicked on their gorgeous software. Select this one to A4P, then continue with wise this data to d6 DC. FP them click the white next node er. Er, touch has file you downloaded. Now click. Auto, then the firmware will go flashing. OK, that’s what we did for the refraction after that, we can remove the RSP pin port and the CSS key insert this screen cable into this 10 pin board and insert these flags natural to this tweet pimple the other white connector insert back to the CSS port and insert the pin wad into the main port. Take off and remove the install place. Your motherboard kullback–! [MUSIC] organize the cable’s [Music] finally let’s do the plan for adjustment First. We start laptop at their way to check house running for the via touch. [MUSIC] Next rotate the distance between the Nassau and a heat bath. Go to the moon, CSS manual. You have three options to adjust the distance one. Mmm, points 1 mm, other party option for you to do the a judgment, which help you to avoid an a so to hit hit bad. Damn, we have a data from the asses. By this printer, we call it theta a and write down next month under the offset theta. We call it a bit. It could be any numbers. Theta, a and theta. P we have the data, see, we wise. This offset data directly to be the didn’t. See, go back to the main menu to do the store setting. [MUSIC] That’s what we did today. Thanks for watching and happy every day. See you next time.