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Autodesk Fusion 360 - Stl Datei 3d Drucken Drucker Druck Printing Deutsch Schulung Tutorial


[MUSIC] Welcome to the video training. The company Riesen consulting. My name is Mathias Riesen and will be with you. This video training with Fischen 360 is today and the right thing. Derive a scl file from this 3d printing area, which will set an alarm colorful. I personally have been doing professional 3d printing since 2008 starting with Stratus machines of the BS T class of the SSC 1200 or even just in the meantime. I don’t actually take photos in fd’m anymore. I’m Sinntal. And now the forums or the videos in Youtube are yes full of any kind of adjustment to the machines and parameters and the nozzles, setting from the heat from the traut diameter, everything possible post-processing with acetone with nano sealing everything possible, but what the at least or what most people actually underestimate is that quality of a real STL. That is where the whole 3d printing begins and in the past, for example, where we started with 3d printing. We often did said to the customer. We will not produce this file for you because we completely. We knew exactly afterwards. We received another complaint because the 3d model doesn’’t fit or because it’s a city around 40 that’s a pure one problem of the SCL, currently nothing from the driver meters at the machine, but a problem of the party and I’ll show you today how we take The breaks can hire at fusion. Now, for example, is possible with other’s programs, also as the decisive factor is always the 3d file. The SCL, the STL is the stereo graffito part That means it describes the surface by means of triangle facets and is no should the one no volume body by are because we only describe the surface and many can do that. Are the area filling so determine how we want it and hexagonal or full material filling or what will be there because he gives everything to them various slicers. And if you liked the video. If you like something, learn, new things. If you want to support our channel, then I would be happy. If you never use Paypal point in our graphic Asia would give a small gift. The link can be found in the Item Description. Now there are two basic things. Many are going to assume. I have already seen this in 3D printing tools. Yes, that’s the first thing I personally wouldn’t do why there are two types of SCR files you can and the binary files you can. You can’t make a selection here and I can’t decide here which type of SCL file I would like to make here and here is one too one thing. Come here, only make a component and not the complete one assembly. I quickly open another assembly here in fuzion der Hydraulic cylinder. What we did there? The assembly we have opened two, and if we go now. 3D print on tools. Here you can go here. You can only ever remove one component from there because we cannot come with it. Pressing the control button or multiple selection of several components select that is not possible That means we can print 3d with this function. Only one component token is so much more. If you turn a module into a 3d want to make a print, then you have to be careful who saves here that you design that is actually the case with machines very important full of the FCM area because you need a certain gap between the constructions that you don’t have that in the production loses a very important thing that is also dependent on the machine layer thickness. It depends on which material you use and, yes, that are stop again and give the parameters. Then we have nothing more SCL file to do so, as I said here at 3d print there, you can only select one part that is make this tool 3d personally. I would not hear it. I personally always take something like that. Yes, I go to it, right mouse. Button here as save STL. And if you now look at the STL save, it has in the home management here. The complete the complete assembly inside and there there is now also to select it is the format and the binary format that is a huge difference. Between these two things, I would always find in the. Save credits in the bees between S & P Closer is a huge difference in file size. That means if you save something. Mm, their format and in binary format are huge, differences in the file sizes is now based on this cup and sign That is when you print the complete assembly as I said, want or from it be. Then it is only about right mouse button on it as it zellertal save and then save the whole thing here. If so, much amore difference between these create 3d print and and the right mouse button finally save the assembly from SCL now again, show you that with the help of this cup. But of course, not about it. This concern of 3d printing in my opinion, not useful, but go there as STL and save something here. Just set it up once and we’ll just take the same. One setting here means once via the format and once via the binary us do not set anything like, optimize nothing except the output. I’m going away because I really like doing 3d printing. Dean Stanton. That means human mixer or something, But that way you need that. I don’t now! If then slices my own house and just now set by means of 2d and then okay, I save is whether this is now here. The means and the same again. Everything is save here and more means, OK, wien determined and now let’s look at how here the difference is, and indeed enormous here. Wien-mitte looks loud 870 Kobe ​​and AIDS medium has 4607 so 4.6 m. W, a huge difference. You should always. Be careful with normal slice tools that this scl file is not larger than 20 MB is that was always a rule of thumb because there were problems there. There are programs for further processing that reduce it that down again. So there you can go from the file size European tour print out by incorporating the triangular displacements today. But, as I said here, you can see a huge difference when I am Now. The files open once infusion because you can see none of the optical difference between binary and Elz II, so go open and hope now, now, binary medium and opens again and worry, so stands too big, but that is you can see everything completely the same from the setting of the file type. Tracey is set off. Here or binary type is is a crazy one. Step one, and then, of course you now have the resolution. It was medium here. I turn it around now. It works with round things. You can see it always better. That means we have this one here triangular facets and when they are there in a smaller resolution save, then the facets get smaller and smaller and the smaller the facets are the better it is when printing because they are edge length, not as long, but the larger the memory size of this one file was, of course, several facets is, of course, more of the calculation more. That’s why the file is getting bigger now. I’ll go back and we’ll leave that here. Binary essays. I close, I don’t save, and now that was medium. Now let’s make another setting and that is low. Then you can see the difference between these facets by painting binary low. OK, team rather low, OK? We open them again. There you can see now. You can already see a huge difference between these facets from the edge length, her shape of a structure, her much finer and there you have to, Especially with round components. Be careful that these structures of the facets are not that long because then they are really made the same when they are expressed because the daily performance of the brigade is louder straight curves and through these device curves. Nothing appears down, but it will stop. I could then complain to the customer again. That just doesn’t fit. You can see that when you look at it from above. In which case it looks back behind and there also represent what a handle is also the same. Then you can see such a great deal here. The account length with medium and the Account lengths here, you can already see a resolution here from the difference here. Huge, of course, you can adjust it even better before all. Yes, you have to watch out for what you haven’t used before with which printing process. This is also very important, of course, But I’ll show you something else. That means simply a straight component for this. I simply make a new construction. I close the 2 Just a rectangle. The dimensions don’t really matter. I have to go now. 150 to 200 to 300 150 to 300 Make the rectangle of extrusion, the height of it 20 and add a radius here with. Let’s say 50 OK, let’s save top and printing plates and we will only look at that now, with the standard variant to speak here again from SCL, of course, here again under binary that if you have smaller files, we make high then the next variant with binary and medium the next variant again as low. Let’s take a look at each other first. These three from the memory size to that is low. 3 combined with the five copy to the power of 7 combination is a difference. Then lets. Open it up in the future control. This is the quickest way to open the dialog, and now we open it, the low file control the middle and control the high-resolution file. And here you can actually see from the base area itself here from this resolution. No difference. Why because there are just surfaces are here. These three ex facets greatest possible why that there is also one. A matter of attitude here. It is more about this rounding off and there looks It is clear that this second is much larger in the the middle one becomes smaller and the high-resolution one becomes smaller again. And if you see that from above, you can, of course, see a difference that is very important when printing that means. I would never print a file low. If many are not facing straight surfaces, it will be rounded off. Are why because the rounding off is printed there almost straight here you can see it. Namely, you could always curve straight and that’s why such 3D printing is done. Models never clean, also from the sacrifice because today from the resolution are badly set. Here, you can see it from the middle one. Tolerance also means. I always have the medium tolerance. An even better setting showed my my areas. We close and open control. That was the middle one, so we look at it. You can see it here. With the middle one to the lower, there are already differences that is to say these. These curves are already smaller, so the pressure is already more precise and with the in high resolution, you can see these polygonal surfaces on them triangular facets in principle. What we are here Those are the curves could be much smaller. That means if it is here. I would print the highly selected file. We take from the resolution her because the pressure is much better, but you can now nor influence that means we now have for that for that high now finally decided the middle one and the lower one because that we don’t want to use it for plot anyway. And now let’s face it again. My own 1 that means. I’ll go back to that. Save pressure plate and care here as STL. And now we’re entering one here custom with these three variants. We have just worked now. Custom, and there is one thing. The finer how. I set it all up here. The bigger it is, Of course, the file’s memory size, however, the better the printout and then we now have a maximum edge length of 336 and that is here already enormously. Now you can give an example. That’s why the high-resolution file is here when I go, These could be as long as when I measure the fair that means I check this could. Then the 150 is long. That’s why we have here Only a single triangular facet and here also a single triangular facet because these two dimensions and fetches below this value must be here measure below this value of 360 or what you was therefore registered continuously. And, of course you can setting That means that you don’t have too many facets here and yes, you don’t. Facets that are too big. Then you have a finer one over here transition. You can see very beautifully once. I go there and choose here again. Save as SC user-defined worry. Now the maximum edge length comes here length 20 and here the nominal, whether the nominal whether Moss here. I put it once on 5 1 That’s enough for this file and still okay. And saves and the b4 is custom, so that is. Of course, the file size is now the largest here and we’ll look at it too. Right again. You can see at a 33 kg to the high JVP, and we are now opening it. Logically, the infusion control opens the dialog again and we open it choose, and then we will now see that we have no solid. We have here but now nicely resolved that evenly also here and you could now go into the file much more precisely, and with that, you can then print quite well, so you can adjust the SCL files after use for most of the print. Think it’s enough for me if you set like neo and high, what, of course, the next thing is the pressure from the direction. The pressure from direction is still one of the most important things in FCM 3d printing or also not with the FC under pressure, also with the polit with the SLS, No matter what? You print printing from direction is very important and to the scl file, one of the the most important parameters and only then come the machine parameters individually for the material for the size of the part and so on. I hope you enjoyed that video training liked again. You could learn something from it if you were with us. The video was satisfied then. Please give us one. I like and comment on this video. That’s the feedback on mine work so that you always stay up to date when we have a video upload that get the automatic information, then go to the Youtube overview page on our channel go. To subscribe and very important that you get the information you put at the bell. Here, the function all under the community area. I now have one ideas built into the page. If you have suggestions for a new video, then comment on your suggestion under the correct area. If we like the topic suggestion, or if several people discuss this topic would like to suggest, then. I like to put a video. You have problems with your project and need support or company training. Then you can get in touch with us. The quickest way is to get in touch with US website. Click here on this link or send us an email to info at Riesen. – consultingde Many of you know that a professional. CAD training usually costs money. So do software costs. Monthly are, of course, not to be underestimated. Therefore, I would be happy if you support our channel if you learned something and made a small donation via Paypal point B to come, that means they just go on that Paypal logo. Then you will be automatically redirected to the Paypal page. Here you can enter your one-off amount and make a small donation. Then I say thank you very much for a donation. Lets and see you next time.