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Cura Settings | Anycubic I3 Mega


Hello, everyone today. I’m going to show you how to set up your any cubic. It omega4 Kyra. Okay, then you open your cura. This is how it looks right now. I have automated 2 X and a plus defined as my main machine as the first step is to go to alter maker’s website for curious of it and check the version of Sakura. So the most recent version is 2 point 6 Point 2 Let me go back and check is my software update or not, so basically click about theorem so in the Avascular section. I see that my software is up to date two point six point. Two one thing to note here is. I am using iOS due to this fact. If you are using Windows computer, the location of the menus and buttons will be in two different locations. You will be able to find them with the same names, so let’s start after we check. Is our software update or not, lets. Add the any cubicle. Taylor, Mega Inter Cura program. So basically go here into the settings, Go down to the Panthers and click. Add Printer, let me click. Add Printer the basically start to also make a series. But we don’t want It basically brought on to the others. When you click the other. All the selected printers are in here, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to see anything Big IP Omega. What they are going to do is basically select for so I tree and in here. It says printer name, lets. Try it on any to beat. I three mega click. Add Printer right now. What we do is basically go back to the settings. Go back to the printer and click manage printers in here. We see this any cubic. I three mega. This is our printer and we click machine settings. Let me click the machine settings. We need to change something so basically our. X is 210 millimeter Y is 210 millimeters, and the height is 205 millimeters and then we will select the build plate shape and it is going to be rectangular. Machining center is 0 No, we are not going to select just one and it is it. Has he did that zero base? And I think this one, so in here, G code flavor. We will keep it as Marlon Sprinter, and then we come here. Make the X min 0 Y min 0 X Max 0 Y max little Gantry Gantry, height 0 necessary material diameter, 1.75 module size 0.4 and we will come to this such a code part after this and 11 7 printing. We will put G 5 as it’s indicated in the user manual, and then after we write on g5 to spudgy code part, it will be done close it. Close it again after we finish our main settings. Right now. We need to change the print settings so in here as you can see, the material is. Pla, that’s what I’m using. Then we come to the call T part. We are going to end. It’s a 0.2 millimeter as laid height, But you guys can’t change it, according to your desire as well, but don’t forget our nozzle is 0.4 millimeter, and then we will go to the wall thickness and these is 0.8 and we are going to change in field density to 25% You can change this form. According to your desire as well and the print temperature is going to be 195 but you guys can’t keep it as 200 as well, but it really depends on you and bill place temperature is going to be 50 Celsius and the diameter of the material is going to be 1.75 million meters. Slover’s hundred percent Enable this section. Yes, and the print speed is going to be 60 millimeters per second level speed hundred and twenty millimeter per second or the okay, enable print cooling. Yes, generates what it really depends on your shape. You can generate support or not, according to your desire. A build plate adhesion Pipe right now. I’m not going to put any adhesion type. It’s going to be a nun to all extreme or not, and in here under the special modes, don’t forget to select the print sequence as all at once. Right now, print setup is complete. What they are going to do is insert the file that we would like to print, so let’s click open file and I have been printing in 8080 Okay, so I’m going to select body a, for example, open it. I feel fixed the body. I am here and I’m going to print the body. I like this. At this point, we will click. Save the file button. And then we click that button. We will save our file as a g-code inside our SD card. Okay, guys! This is the end of my video in this one. I showed you how to setup any Kubica. Omega in pure software. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. If you have any questions, please comment down below. These are the settings that are recommended. So you can change them. You can experiment them and see the results by yourself. These are not the best setting, so it really depends on your desire and what you want to get. And how much time you want to spend all the related links are in the description below. Don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to check out my other videos as well. See you in the next video.

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