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Secret Of 3d Printed Text And Logos


Today, I will explain how I made my 3d printing letters with logos in fusion 360 Stay tuned! Hello, friends. Welcome back! It’s always a pleasure having you here watching this video. A lot of people have been asking how I make my trivial, A drinks and logos like this one. I will explain how you can choose the font type size and how to put a lower symbol in the lettering. First start! I open a new document in Adobe Illustrator and Choose the size of the last thing I want to do. And I press, OK? A New document is created in. We are ready to start now. We write what we intend. In this case, I will write the name of this channel. Now we choose the font we want. And the size and we have our text. Take our logo and drag and drop here. Then we click on image trace and then expand. Now we remove the white background from the logo. Let’s put everything in place as we wish. We can resize our logo. Let’s align everything. We select the text in with the right mouse button. We choose create outlines. Create outlines is important because otherwise unsafe. The text may not keep the font. We want let’s now. Save our document in 2d Choose save with SVG extension. I have here a document already created with the same name that I will rewrite and then click OK now. We have a 2d document ready. Let’s open our fusion 360 and press the S key and type Center and choose the center rectangle. Choose the orientation. Click on the center. And choose the size of the rectangle. We’ll put 50 and 200 And we have our base. Now click on insert, then insert SVG. Click on this folder. And choose your SVG and your text will appear down here. Now you can drag and drop your text to inside the base. Then click, ok. Now let’s draw a line That will serve as an axis for our text to gain the 3d expect. Press the L key and drag your line. Remember, this will be your axis. Click finish sketch, Select all the text go to create and revolve. In the profile, we’ll choose all the text. We want in 3d On the axis, We choose the line with drought and The revolve will appear. We have the taxi tween 60 degrees. But this is not what we want we. Put here in this box, only 45 degrees, and we have our text. We already have our text, but our base is missing that we already true. Let’s editing our first sketch, and we have here our base. Let’s turn around our text. Select the base and press the e key. To extrude the base and don’t forget, select all the parts that you want to extrude. I will leave some holes for nice effect I. Really extrude five millimeters. Check the results. Make sure that you have a new body option selected and press, OK? Now press the F key and select the four corners of the base And push it to inside. Now we have the corners routed And press. Okay, let’s prepare to make the print with two colors. Let’s save us SDL our base Press. Okay, give a name to a file and we’ll write a base. Now create a new component and select all parts of the text in drag and drop to the new component and save as STL. Give a name and that’s it. Our work on fusion 360 is finishing now. Open your simplified 3d and drag and drop your files. Select all files. Click, Edit and select align selected Models origins and your letters will be aligned with the base. Now click Edit process settings and select models And select the model press. OK, and Prepare to print, and your base will appear. Save the file. Give the name that you wish In this case. Base Press exit And click Edit process settings for the people who have Auto be travelling. Which is my case, I will have to remove g29 from initial script and on g28 I will just do home on X in I axis. Now we select the other file and press OK and Prepare to print again And save the file. I’m saving to different process because I will print my lettering with two colors White on the base and blue on the text. I Will load now the filming on my CRM Printer pace. This year 10 I ready to print. Let’s make the ultimate leveling. In this case, I’m using the auto F. The sensor for alphabet leveling. The sensor is taking measurements of the distance between the nozzle and the bed, so that during printing, correct our bed levels or even bed warps. The Link for the sensor is in the video description. Let’s start printing our Whiteface. And the print of our base is complete. Now let’s change the filament and Load the blue one. The printer will do on the X and I axis in printing the intro line. And started printing the blue letters up on our white base. Now we just wait for the printer to finish. It’s work! Our leveling is complete, lets. Get it out of the bed and see how it looks. And that’s it, we have our 3d text I. Hope have explained well the process. I used to make this lesson and guys. I hope you enjoy it. If so, don’t forget, leave that thumbs up. So the Youtube would share this video with other users. If you are new here, cause it hangs subscribe in the channel And activate the bells purr. When I upload a new content, you get notification? Thanks for watching this video and see what the next time until their big hug to all of you. Bye.