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3d Printed Fifa World Cup Replica Trophy


What’s happening, guys? We’re still here in this video. I’m going to be showing you how a 3d printed and painted this FIFA World Cup trophy, so I did a simple Google search and then went on images and then found on that light and it’s on a site called Envato market and it’s a paid for file at $22 and they’ve also got a little Youtube video here of their 3d file, right, I’ve opened the file up in my slicing software, and I’m gonna rescale the model to 14 inches, which is pretty much replica size and then I’m going to slice it And when I print it at 0.1 millimeter layer height with 8% infill and there print speed of 50 Milli as a second and the nozzle at 2/10 and that’s going to take 73 hours and use 477 grams of 2.8 five millimeter filaments [Music] [Music] 1 1 3 4 [Music]. [MUSIC] Okay, guys, it’s finished printing, but as you can see. I’ve run into a little bit of a problem 65 hours in or just about 12 hours to go. The Z-axis decided to stop moving down. So what happened was it continued to lay filament on the top of the previous layer. So I started to hear the Backpressure noise coming from the Bolden extruder. So I have to cancel the print. I checked the Z-axis and it moves down and all freely, so I don’t know what happened, but it’s not the end of the world because it’s an easy fix and what I’m going to do is quickly show you how. I’m gonna do it, okay, guys. The first thing they need to do is rescale the model. I printed mine 14 inches, so I just go in. Put that in now, then. I need to orientate the model. The correct ways of our standing up, so I’ll go on transform [Music]. Now it’s ready to be sliced, so I’ve got go on plain coat. You want to click this s which allows you to move it freely up and down and I’ve got a move it up to where I know where it stopped printing [Music] and that’s it because as easy as that now it’s ready for printing, So I’ll get that sliced and get it printing [Music] one! [MUSIC] Okay, guys, it’s printed off. I had to stand the top of this just to get it flat, but once I’ve done that it fits on there. Perfectly meshmixer is really good at this type of stuff. It’s saved quite a few of my prints, so I left the link in the description, so you can download it. If you haven’t already got it so also got to do now is glue it on? I’m going to use just this multi-purpose glue and I’m thinking of trying to use no more nails around the edge and see if it works well as a as a filler. [music] Okay, guys! I’ve given it a few hours to dry, and I don’t think the no more nails has done a very good job. I’m pretty sure it’s water-based, so as it dries, it’s a shrunken size inside the crack, so it’s not done a very good job, So what I’m gonna do is mix up some multi-purpose body filler and just bring it into the crack with with my finger and once it’s dried. I’ll give it a sound. Get it nice and smooth. [MUSIC] [Music] okay, guys! I’ve sanded the filler on the seam line, and I’ve got it as smooth as I can. Now it’s time for primer, and when they use this, you pull high, five high build primer and I’m going to give it three coats and see how it looks after that [Music] Okay, guys, the pram is now dry and I’m gonna start wet, sanding it. I’m just going to focus on the seam line, the continents and the base because they’re all the main parts that I want to get as smooth as possible and I want to use a 800 grit, wet and dry sandpaper [Music]. [music] Okay, guys! I’m ready to start airbrushing it now! I’m going to use Vallejo model air metallic gold. I’ve only got one top of this, so I’m gonna see whether this can do all this model, and I’m spraying at about 20 psi with a 0.5 mil needle and I’m going to work from the top and spray downwards [Music] [Music] [Music]. Okay, guys have given it 24 hours to dry And the Vallejo metallic gold went on really nicely. I did use the entire top. I’d gave it two coats, but it’s still quite tacky to touch. So what I’m going to do is go over it with this. Loxley, artist, picture boss varnish! I’ve never used it before, so it’s going to be a bit of a test for me. I’m going to just give it one coat and see how it looks. [MUSIC] Okay, guys, the last thing I do now is do the green bit. That’s around the base of the model. I’ve gone round it with some masking tape and then stuck that masking tape to some green vinyl. Wrap that I had lying around. So what I’m going to do now is just cut it out and get it glued on. [MUSIC] Okay, guys, it’s finished and I think it turned out great. The detail on it is amazing who ever modeled. It did a great job and I’ve left a link in the description. If you’re interested in the model, the Vallejo metallic gold came out perfectly. I’ve got no complaints with that paint. The Loxley gloss varnish was okay, but next time, I think I’ll use a Vallejo gloss varnish. The one I’ve used has dried but left a a sticky feeling to it, but it’s got a good shine at the same time, so I hope you found this video helpful, and if you liked it, please give it a thumbs up, and if you’ve got any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll try and get back to you. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already good luck in the World Cup and I’ll see you in the next build, thanks for watching [Music].

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