3d Printed Master Chief Helmet | 3d Printed Halo Helmet

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3d Printed Halo Helmet


Hey, how’s it going, guys? Just, uh, thought I would share with you. A project I’ve been working on. This is my master chief or your halo mark 6 helmet. And this was 3d printed on my ender threes. Uh, so I’ve got an Ender, Three and Ender, Three pro. And, um, yeah, over last week, I went ahead and printed out all the parts and glued it together, so it’s just currently put together with some super glue. And if you look inside, you can see where all the joining marks are. I’ve sanded the outside of it and primed it several times now and it needs another coat of primer currently. So you can see some of these sort of high spots that I’ve sanded down. Um, it’s taken a very long time, so I think it was, uh, 200 hours to print, and then I probably put at least 35 hours of sanding into this, and and even with that, it’s still areas that I’ve you know, probably gonna have to go back and do again. Um, until I actually prime this again. Though it’s obviously gonna look a little bit rough around the edges. Let’s just sit that down a second, Um, and I’ve drilled these holes out here to put in some Leds so that the mask will actually light up, and then I just need to get a visor, which with the visor. There’s a few ways you can do it. One way is to buy a couple of motorcycle helmets and then you can sort of cut them into shape, and if you buy two helmet visors, you can cut out some parts to put on top of the visor to give it that sort of 3d look like the actual master chief helmet has, um, for me that looked it didn’t. Look that great and it’s going to cost around 60 quid to do that anyway. So I thought that I would just go on Etsy and look for someone who actually makes vacuum formed visors and yes. I found one on there. Unfortunately, they were in America, so shipping was expensive and the other visor was quite expensive as well, But I think it’s going to be worth it. And, yeah, just wait for that to arrive in terms of paint. I’m just using a spray putty. I think it’s called. I don’t have it on hand here at the moment, but it’s, uh, it’s that sort of putty primer, and, um, it seemed to be pretty good, pretty cheap, so happy with that. And then my plan is to then spray the whole thing. Black, Um, and then I’ll mask out all these sort of areas like this will be black. These bits in here will be black, so I’ll put some painters tape on there and, uh, mask it, and then I’m going to, um, spray the whole thing. Almost like a sort of aluminum metal cut or aluminium, however, you want to say it, metal color or chrome? Maybe, and then my plan is to take some liquid mask and sort of, like paint on some of these edges here, so that when I put my final color on, I’ll be able to peel those bits off and sort of show underneath, Um, you know, like a metal color where it’s maybe even scratched off, and, you know, give it some weathering. Um, either that or do some dry brushing. Um, I’m going to do some experiments and see what works, and I’ve been kind of going back and forth about what colors. I should paint this. Should I just go Full-on Master Chief Helmet. You know, do the whole green scheme, or should I do my multiplayer helmet? And, um, let me just show you? I’ve actually got a master chief helmet here, which is like a toy one. It’s very sort of thin plastic, but it’s, uh, you know it’s wearable. It’s got this kind of bogus. Um, visor, which I’m not a big fan of, but because I have that I’m thinking maybe it would look good if I did this red, which is my primary color whenever I play Halo. So I think that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve ordered some red paint. I’m going to test it out on some test prints and just see how it comes across. Um, yeah, I’m really excited about this. It’s taking a long time, a lot of hard work. Uh, but the details great on this print, um, and it fits my head, which I was kind of concerned about as I was printing it. It looked like it was going to be either too big, and then one point it looked like it was gonna be too small, but you know, once I’ve tucked. My ears is back it. Uh, it does fit on my head. So yeah, happy with that so, uh, yeah. I guess, uh, that’s probably it for now. Uh, one one more thing is as well. Uh, because this is only kind of glued together at the moment. This is a little bit of wood filler. Um, which I didn’t. I don’t think I mentioned that, but there’s a lot of wood filling for wood filler all over this just filling in any gaps, which it’ll be covered up once I prime it, but I’ve also got some two-part epoxy and fiberglass sheets to put in here and just give it some more strength on the seams. Um, so that should work out, and then obviously I’ll add some foam later, but I think that’s it for now, guys, and Ill I’ll try to document the rest of this build as I go and um, yeah. I hope it turns out good and ill. Catch you guys next time peace.

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