3d Printed Fortnite Guns | 3d Printing Legendary Fortnite Items In Real Life!


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3d Printing Legendary Fortnite Items In Real Life!


It’s finally starting to take some shape. The thing with 3d printing. Let me show you question is. Can you guess what it is? [MUSIC] Loveyou cups might have heard of 3d printers. You wouldn’t download a car if you could, would you? I would, then that’s what we’re gonna be doing today, so I went ahead and I bought a 3d printer. Look at this bad boy. It looks! It looks pretty cool by the way, so I have a few crazy things I want to print. I also want to look online to see if I can find some crazy things, but one crazy thing I really want to print is money. Do not try this at home. This is dangerous! This is scary! The police will show up at your doorstep. Whatever you do, do not pre into money anyways. Let’s have a look so this is gonna take two more hours, it says now. I don’t know exactly how long it’s gonna take, but it’s printing something over there. I just wanted to do it to do like a little test print, so I could show you cops what it looks like. I have absolutely no clue. What, it’s printing right now? You’re wondering how this works. It’s like a big machine. It can move on three axes, you know, forwards left and up and down X Y Z. And in the meantime, some glues being pushed down into it, which is being heated up. And I mean, maybe it’s school or art class. You’ve seen those glue guns and that’s pretty much What’s happening right over here. This is the only part which moves it goes up down left, right. This part can also go up and down and right over it here. Is that glue being pushed in the white thing right there and you can create a few pretty dope things such as cars and money. Now it’s time to wait for two hours. You know, some people think my videos they don’t take time to make listen. I just been at a not much money on this 3d printer. Then I just set it up, which took like two hours, and now I’m printing something which is gonna take another two hours, and it’s like only like one product out of like the fight. We’re gonna be covering in this video, so let’s do this for another hour later, and it’s finally starting to take some shape. It’s fine, Buster. Oh, it’s finally starting to take some shape. The thing with 3d printing. Let me show you question is. Can you get what it is? Look at it! There’s like two centimeters told me. Can anybody guess while we’re making over here? Oh, boy, it’s gonna be so much fun. When it’s done and the first 3d print is done cups. Let me show you what we got right over here. We have some fingers. Yep, let me just let me just grab it. I think we’re good. This is what we made, it’s a hand and it does like. Oh, my goodness, not focusing here we go, it’s a hand and it does like the okay symbol, but what we can also do is we can turn it around. Yeah, yeah, you looked at my fingers. I can now punch you pretty cool. By the way, this took like 2 hours to be made, but this, it’s the first thing. I’ve ever made in it 3d printer. I mean, I might have to clean it up a little bit, so lets. Try to figure out something else. We can print and let’s set that into motion soon. We can print a car mwah! Ah, yeah, and it can print another A Z. After printing this beautiful art space as you can see, you don’t mean you don’t mean. I found this website where there’s a bunch of more stuff we can print such as a moneymaker. I know a moneymaker. You can even get a circuit cookie roller flower lampshade. There’s so many pretty cool things on this website. I thought why don’t we pick out a few and print them out and see what we get? Let’s go to trendy. Can you make a fidget spinner? What the hell? Space Invader paid toilet paper holder. You can even print a bra strap, ok? I got a print that for, you know, after the video for myself. Yeah, it’s a robot. You do have to glue them back together. I believe that’s pretty cool. Even 3d printable sent places. We don’t have to go to the store anymore to get back my build core bricks. Oh, my god, you can’t just totally build. Lego right over here. Smart one-handed bottle opener now! I don’t have a bottle in my house. But a bottle opener would be any memory card older. Yes, look what? I’ve laid on my desk. I probably have some more somewhere, but a memory card holder. That would be really handy, actually. So this is something. I’m gonna be a printing out. Oh, my goodness, look at this desk. It’s such a mess, but it’s gonna be handy. Definitely gonna be handy. If a table guards for tables, that’s pretty cool, praying hands, you know, just in case whiteboard pen holder 3d Industrial Revolution. That’s cool, that’s actually really cool. Look, it comes with a little cat, okay. I need this! I need this in my life. Ragan with egg elephant fab shop. You can make a little elephant. I want to know what the print is like, because, oh, no, this is what it looks like. Okay, not bad makey robo’t. I definitely kind of just want to go with this little robot boy. I want to go with this little robot. Look at this, dude! Look at this, dude! Let’s pick some more. It tastes like a few hours to print these things. Who wrapped her hand? You can print a hand, juicy cocktail stirrers. Nice, there’s so much cool stuff. This is insane! East Coast. How you can break that dab house Anything else, which is over here and looks cool. You can print a wallet or a catapult game. Oh, look at this furnished house that looks so much cooler. That would be so dope in a little miniature version of my house. Oh, boy, the gift that keeps on giving 3d printed by just a bicycle. I saw a motorbike somewhere else, too. That’s so dope Spool holder stuff that, like helps your 3d printer too. So much stuff you can do so much stuff with it. Okay, let’s let’s see if we can print money. I kind of want to print like a like a little coin, you know? I think that would be pretty dope. Can we write dollar here? Dollar clip? I mean there. I guess that’d work here. We got a little coin this. This one has a few downloads. I mean, this is probably the chip well. I’m down to print this one. This one looks pretty dope. So what are we gonna bring today orbs in the next year? I don’t know how long it’s gonna take. We’re gonna print a memory card holder. A coin, This really cool creation. Look at that, that’s pretty dope. We’re gonna print this robot. A kind of home, sweet home. I’m okay with the house and we’re gonna print a flat. So let me figure out how this works, and we’re gonna print it download. Oh, that’s it, so you have to do first. Download, download and download. What a bit that! This website is gonna be super illegal in a few years when you can friend like full cars like hey. I’m gonna get a Lambo. Let me just 3d print that believe I have to install this program and then once I launch it, I can put other stuff in it. I actually have read the manual for this thing because it’s not that easy to figure it out. I knew this. Were you cups, okay, if it’s hilarious. Oh, BAM, look at that! That was pretty dope. I just drag the file in there and that’s what it did okay now. How do I save this on to my SD card? That’s so cool so this is what we’re gonna be printing out. It’s a coin money. That’s what it is here. We’re gonna save the g-code on this memory stick. I know this is complicated, but just wait, okay. Just wait! This is gonna be so worth it. Bam, there we go! We got the point sword. Oh, boy, oh, no, no, no, it’s gonna it’s gonna print them all at the same time. Look at this guy. Look at his dude! Look at this, dude! Oh, my goodness, he’s so cute! What about the other one we go? Oh, boy, that one’s much bigger yet. Not too big, too big. Okay, let’s save this guy right here. This is what we’re gonna be printing. It’s a second one, It’s a robot. I know he’s actually gonna be taking over the world. It’s kind of like a video game. Okay, that one say the memory card holder. You know, that’s gonna be this gonna be useful. Also, we’re gonna have my flat. She’s like a little bit of a house, but I thought it looks pretty cool. Okay, look at this looks pretty dope. It was like a little kitchen over here and bedroom bathroom, wood closet. I don’t know there a bed over here. Sure, whatever. Oh, this one actually works. I thought this was not gonna work, but it works, so that’s good. We’re gonna have to print this one in high quality. Oh, my goodness, it’s gonna take 16 hours no way. No, it’s not 40 minutes. Okay, much better. I don’t know how well this has got to turn out. I guess we’re just gonna have to see gonna take two hours to print this on. Okay, and there we go. Cubs, let’s switch over to the 3d printer. This was actually, it took a while to learn, but now that. I know how to do this. It’s actually pretty easy, okay. It took a while to learn, but now. I got this, let’s switch over to the pouring tea. We’re back in operational. It is working so right over here. I can select what to print so I can go print. Okay, when we did. Then we have system volume, If no. What the hell robot maker, okay. We got the coin to row and made your car holder my flat. I don’t know, so there’s. One here that’s a folder. Okay, so let’s start off with the robots. This file will overwrite okay and brick. Now it’s gonna be heating up, gonna be heating up to fifty degrees. And then it should start printing. I’m excited it’s gonna be printing a robot. Oh, no, actually, it’s gonna be heating up to 200 degrees. He’ll be back, but it’s 200 agrees and here. We started printing up. Where is it right over there? It starts with one line at a time as you can see is in one line and attendant. This is gonna take a while. I don’t know how long exactly exist. Forty six hours, so I guess we’ll be back in two days, if you if you thinking I’m joking 52 you see 53 there, you go and we’re back again with this crazy video that I’m doing where I print stuff. It’s been like two days now since I started recording this video if not more, but we got something cool done here. It took six hours to be printed. We printed something else. After this got a surprise, so right over here, it’s a little robot now. He’s glued to the bottom. So what we have to do? It’s super bright on the camera. See this there? We go now. We can grab him and put him on here so we can see. I don’t know, it’s so hard to film. These guys, she’s stuffing red, but the it looks gorgeous. It looks really funny. It’s a little robot. I can like make it so I can actually move this guy. He’s pretty hot, still never eat warm. We made ourselves a little robot doctor bread, something else. So it’s looking some more on the website, and I thought why don’t we print a little toy pistol? It’s not a real pistol up. I hate guns, a toy pistol, which is a fortnight weapon. Okay, now use your imagination because it is just a very general sniper, but I thought it would be really cool to name that little pistol that weapon. I’ve been playing way too much for at night, so let’s give it a go. Let’s print it out. It shouldn’t take too long excited to see it. There’s another cool thing. That just did cups. I peeled the bottom off right over here, and now I have a little doll and it can move his head and he can move his arms. And in the meantime, I’m printing something new here. This one should not take too long. The little fourth night cool. Id I had. I put Mr. Robot right next to the Machine. I love it! It says that this one’s only gonna take 20 minutes. Thank you, thank you were. All we gonna take even less lets. See what we can get? I’m excited I’m so excited. I love this thing. I love trying out new things for video sometimes. I think there is something wrong over here in the machine, but if you can see it, but that doesn’t really look like the pistol. I wanted it to look like I think we’re gonna have to make it a little bit bigger. That just looked like a mess right now. Sometimes when it’s too small, the machine, they just cannot do. Its job properly. Look at this silly stuff. It’s a probably best way to show you, so we’re printing a different version three times as high so about, uh, stoles my hand. Hopefully making a little bit better just like this. I really really quick disclaimer. This is very important. I’m not trying to show you how to make guns or anything like that that you. Nah, condone violence. I’m actually against guns. I’ve never held a gun in my life. This is just a little poison were. Working on, it’s not actually gonna have any moving parts. It’s just gonna look a little bit of the shape of it and the reason. I have to do this is because it’s highly illegal on Youtube right now to show anything which are even remote. It looks like a gun, so Im. Sorry, if that’s what you were expecting, but I simply cannot do that anyways. The gun’s gonna be done. Sit ups! Things are not going as planned right now. This one’s missing up. Two spoke to somebody who also has a 3d printer, and he says there’s a lot of issues with these 3d printers. So I’m just gonna cut points over here. Just look at this mess. This is supposed to be a coin, just one big mess. Look at it, it’s piling up again. Oh, boy! I’m gonna have to clean it up. So, yeah, let me just switch it off. Fix it out and show you cups. What we’ve made today. So I said what we’ve made today. But realistically it’s what we’ve made over the past three days, But here we go, we got B. Okay, your sign as you can see looks gorgeous. We made a nice little robots, yes. I think this one’s pretty cute. It’s like a little toy. Then we made a for tonight item. Yes, which had to be very basic because of Youtube rules. I’m sorry, then we also made a few other silly things. We made a house. Yep, this is, this is what the house looks like. Yeah, that went completely wrong And then also we just made this coin, which I had to abort because it was just not working anyway. Scalps. Thank you so much for watching this amazing video. I had so much fun doing this. It was a very tedious process. Took me like three days to record this video. I know a little bit ridiculous, but I’ll be enjoyed it if you did drop a like. I’m stepping it up to two videos per day. I’m very inside about it. I got an F the door bye. [MUSIC] Ah!