3d Printed Computer Mouse | I Tried 3d Printing A Mouse For Osu!


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I Tried 3d Printing A Mouse For Osu!


Hey, guys, so as many of you might know. Uh, logitech’s new mouse, The g pro x super lights. Uh, recently came out and already a lot of prominent people in the community are saying that this is like one of the greatest mice. You can get on the market right now. Throughout my time playing OSU, whenever I would switch to a better mouse, I would always feel that my aim would get considerably better and so as you can imagine a wireless. 63 Gram Mouse coming from Logitech would be extremely tempting for me to buy now. The only problem is that it comes at a price of around two hundred dollars. And even if I could pay for it, I’ve never seen this thing in stock ever. So while I was looking for alternatives, I came across this g305 Mod on Etsy and the whole idea behind this Mod is basically you take an existing g305 you rip out the circuit board and then you 3d print an outer plastic shell for the circuit board and instead of using a double a battery to power the mouse, you instead use a much lighter button, cell battery and this entire process would effectively leave you with a low latency wireless mouse that only weighs 47 grams. According to the picture on the store page and all this would cost a grand total of thirty three dollars and three cents so clearly this could end up being a complete game changer or it could end up with a piece of garbage that doesn’t even work, so lets. Just get right into it. All right, guys, so here’s all the files he sent to me. You can see, there’s quite a number of parts, so we can just quickly preview them by double clicking, and this appears to be the base this. I have no idea what this is. Um, you can see. We got like the left. Click plates and the most important part is the shell. So, uh, for the first part, I’m gonna be printing the shell first, so let’s take that over to Prusa slicer and here it is so after we finish after we slice it, it’s going to look like this, and this is what’s actually going to be printed now. I know it looks like it’s leaking toxic sewage out of the mouse. But, uh, once the print is finished, then it should be relatively easy to break off the supports and the the green part. Those supports need to be there Because, um, like 3d printers aren’t really good at, like, uh, printing floating objects as you can imagine. Ow, okay, guys, so here’s. My glorious Prusa i3 mark 3 printer. So before we print. I think I have to clean my print bed first, because I think I might have gotten some finger oils on the print bed. So if you’ve ever cooked an egg before, you know that you need to put oil in the pan because otherwise, the egg is going to stick to the pan. Well, 3d printing is kind of similar. Because if you get your finger oils on the print bed, it’s actually going to lubricate the bed and the print will not stick. So I need to give this a good wipe down first with some isopropyl. [MUSIC] alcohol [Music] Okay, here I’m back in prison slicer. So what I’m going to do is just, uh, click export Gcode real quick and then save that to an SD card, and then once that’s done, just move the SD card over to my 3d printer, and now it’s only gonna take hours and that doesn’t even include all the other parts. We have to print so yeah, it’s gonna take a bit. [MUSIC]. I can’t do it anymore. Man, I’ve been squatting this entire time to get this. [MUSIC] Angle [Music] all right, guys, 20 hours later, it’s finally done [Music] all right, so here, we have our 3d prints and now we just gotta remove the supports. So I’m just gonna Jesus. I hope I don’t like cut my fingers or anything. Jeez, dude! [music] Jesus! I actually you know what maybe like. The the really rough texture is gonna act as like, a sort of grip because I know, um, with this rotary 600 the the grip instead of a normal rubber grip, it uses like this, uh, knurling and that rough texture, sort of, like digs into your skin a little bit and acts as a really good grip, and so maybe that same sort of action could apply here. Okay, so here’s all the 3d printed parts. We got the the shell, the bottom piece. The right, click the left. Click, and I think these are the actually. I have no idea what these are, but, yeah, so the idea was, um, I would go with, like, a sort of like a white and silver color scheme. That’s kind of the idea. I was going for so well. See how it all, uh, ends up so now that these are printed, uh, it’s time to disassemble the g305 No, screw there! Okay, yep, there. We go probably gonna unplug this carefully. Shoot, okay. That’s one there’s the other now. It looks like there’s more screws. I have to remove [Music]. Oh, my god, what is this operation? Please let me get the screw, okay. There’s the side buttons here, too. Probably remove that, and the PCB should lift. No, so one more screw no, there isn’t. Oh, that is nasty. Oh, gross, so if this design is legit then? This piece should just fit over here. I think this button is supposed to go here, and then this board goes on top like. So, does that mean the switch works? Oh, okay, I should probably read the instructions. What else do we need? Come on, get out! Am I just breaking the plastic? Oh, [ __ ] okay. There’s a screw there that I need to remove, so I can get access to this. Uh, little board here. Screw it! What is this? Why is it still stuck? Ah, Jesus, the hell! Is that little peg here? We go okay, okay. Finally, here’s the left and right clicks that we need and here’s two year’s worth of gunk buildup from playing OSU. [MUSIC] This lr44 coin cell battery holder is supposed to fit into here like so, see that, okay, so this is what the board looks like after soldering. So as you can see, The switches are in the plastic holder and the wires are now soldered underneath the board. I’m gonna be honest. I I I don’t think there’s instructions for assembling the side buttons and to be honest. I’m feeling kind of lazy right now. So I think I’ll just assemble it without side. Button’s, alright? So let’s screw it together, okay. We got the clicks in place. I think only took a bajillion years. Okay, here’s the moment of truth. We’re gonna put this thing in here. Ah, that’s a snap. We need more snaps. Snap around! Come on, come on, okay. This is it! This is the mouse minus minus the DPI button. And, uh, it actually feels like a mouse, Okay, lets, uh, let’s put in the battery. See if it turns on. Wow, it doesn’t work. Yes, yeah, baby, so here. It is turn it on and there we go. Oh, my God, wow, but yeah, I’m really excited to try this thing out in OSU. So, uh, yeah, let’s do that. [music] wait, wait! Wait, wait! Wait, there’s! No mouse feet on these. Okay, hold on ill. I’ll be right back. I actually bought a promotional bundle from glorious earlier. Uh, it was a model 0 plus some other accessories. So I gave the model 0 away as a Christmas gift but, uh. I wanted to keep the mouse skates for for this purpose all right now. I think we have to peel off this blue stuff. Time to game for real now. So, okay, first impressions. This thing is really light, but also this thing is tiny. It’s it’s a little bit hard to hold. Just because like I’ve never used a mouse. That’s this small before, man. It feels so different. I’m not sure if it’s better yet. I’ll have to get used to it first. Oh, my like I said, I’m really not used to this yet. Like I’m still figuring out how to like grip. The mouse PROPERLY [APPLAUSE] [Music] [Music] OH [Applause] [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music]! Hey, guys, so before. I end this video. I just want to give my final thoughts on the 3d printed mouse. The build quality is the worst thing you can possibly imagine it’s incredibly flimsy. It bends whenever you apply any amount of force to it. It also creaks a lot and the battery only lasts a couple of days, but even with all these flaws. At the end of the day, it’s still a 47 gram wireless mouse, and I really do believe that lightweight wireless is the future of gaming mice. Uh, this 3d printed mouse is actually a pretty decent proof of concept, and despite being a very low quality build, I’m actually able to play pretty decently on it. So what I think I’ll do is? I think I’ll continue using this for a while longer. Just to see how good I can get using this mouse. But yeah, that’s pretty much it for this video. Thanks for watching ill. See you guys next time.