3d Printed Christmas Ornaments Files | 3d Printed Christmas Ideas: Presents & Ornaments – Useful 3d Prints


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3d Printed Christmas Ideas: Presents & Ornaments - Useful 3d Prints


Hey, guys, this is. Mae Tech, I’m Paul. Today we’re gonna look at some 3d printed Christmas ornaments, and we’re also gonna look at some 3d printed gift ideas and stocking stuffers. Let’s jump right into this. They’re eight and it’s look at the Christmas ornaments. Here first, you’re gonna find the law to the ones I made were star. Wars theme. That’s because a lot of these are going to a buddy of mine who loves Star Wars. So here we have a start and trooper Angel [Music] and here’s another stormtrooper. This is obviously a stormtrooper helmet Christmas ornament. Here we have some snowflake ornaments. We got a stormtrooper there and earth reader and block here. [MUSIC] And here we have the Deathstar done in a black filament. This is kind of a neat. Christmas ornament. Oh, look who he kind of lost. Shines there a bit. It really looks like one of those. Christmas ball’s alright here. We have one of the most iconic. I guess shapes of Star Wars at least for me and that’s a TIE fighter. You [Music] right next? We have a Princess Leia Angel [Music] and here we have BB-8 [Music]. You know, we have some spinning tops. Kind of a classic Christmas toy. These ones come with also a bunch of different dog tips. You can kind of change out, so you can kind of test and see what works best for you and these that you work with. [MUSIC] [Applause] okay here. We have a folding tripod little table top design. It such a really nice. This is obviously for a photography. Buddy of mine is that she folds up really nice like this and you can see, but, uh, you know, a standard 1/4 thread in there, so it will fit, basically anything that has 1/4 thread, which is most tripod mounts and it folds up really quite compact. Take that cocoa off of there and you can easily put this thing in the pocket, and here’s some for any readers in your friend or family group. These are bookmarks. These are obviously like before a thick Christmas theme, but there’s a bunch in a whole bunch of different themes available. Now they just slip into pages, kind of like this. They’re kind of handy and out of the way and another kind of great one. Are these little things here? These are out your page readers so kind of stick them on your thumb like that, open up to a page. And while you’re reading, you can just hold the book like that. Keeps the pages nice and wide for you, so it makes it easy to read, so this is one. I’m definitely going to print a couple for myself. After these are headphone holders that screw comes out, you clump them on the side of a desk. Tighten her up and your headphones kind of sit on there like that nice and out of the way it has an area here for your cords and your dog little input Jacks. So it keeps everything organized, definitely really neat print. [music] Here we have a functioning clam. This one was actually a fun one to both print and assemble. I think I’ll be sending this one over to Collin. I would work web. I mean, clearly, you’re not going to be using it for any heavy-duty clamping. But if you needed to clamp something delicate, like say yeah. I don’t know other plastics, or maybe some light would like a balsa. This would actually be perfect for it. [music] right here! We have a fishing hook. This is for a buddy that, you know, obviously likes fishing. It’s kind of an interesting design. I made a course hinges here, so it kind of has his like I a sneaking effect and I’ve drilled and added some hole, our weights here too. [music] [Applause] [Music]. Here’s another fun one. This is basically. Christine called a little toy and you’d up. Stick it in with your Christmas cards that you send out and your whoever sends it would have some boat and put it together. This one is a neat reindeer, there’s. Christmas trees and other options available out there, all right here. We have some cookie cutters. This is a for a friend of mine that likes make. Mir before Christmas, so it’s perfect for her, but you can get cookie cutters and virtually any character or shape and size. You want the really great stuffing stuffers? They can pretty well be customized for anyone on your list now. This one’s a nice little stocking stuffer to give to anyone that has roommates say it’s a beard. Locking cap system takes a little master lock. You simply unlock like that. And then you have access to your beer. You want to keep your buddies or your friends or your family out of your drinks? Lock her up and you’re done. [MUSIC] Okay last, but not least we have this translucent Christmas tree print. This is a real fun one to do quite popular. It basically has a base that will adapt to any of these kind of like hardware, uh? I guess you call them. Hardware lights efinitely. Flip them inside out. Stick the base in their clip it on. I have a little fire LED in there, but you can use basically any ball. Be a want turning on. You have a cool little Christmas tree [Music]!